Caption Contest #89

Ok guys, time for another caption contest, where you have to come with the funniest replacement dialogue for a random comic panel of my choosing. This week you have to replace all of the dialogue for this panel:

Everyone can have a maximum of 3 entries, entries must be in by next Wednesday (March 15th) and All Entries Must Be PG-13.

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22 Responses to Caption Contest #89

  1. Treasure Hunter says:

    Darth Vader: “If you only knew the power of the dark side.”
    Salacious B. Crumb: “You haven’t really experienced the dark side until you’ve lived under a Hutt.”

  2. Treasure Hunter says:

    Vader: “Is that Jar Jar down in the Sarlacc pit?”
    Jabba: “Yes. Happy birthday.”

  3. Drinkfluid says:

    Vader: … I don’t get it.
    Jabba: Eh. You have to know about quantum mechanics to find it funny.

  4. PrimeLionstar says:

    ENTRY 1: DV “You know The Biggest Loser saves lives…”
    Jabba “Hey no fat shaming”

    ENTRY 2: DV “Hey Jabba wassup slug?”
    Jabba “No. It’s only ok if my people say slug!”

    ENTRY 3: DV “I… am your father”

  5. The Atomic Punk says:

    Darth Vader: “He thinks I’m funny.”

    Jabba: “Ha! So funny that I forgot to laugh.”

  6. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    DV: Why is he laughing
    Jabba: Hmm, I think he just remembered how much you hate sand.
    DV: What’s so funny!
    Jabba: Umm, Have you looked in the mirror lately.
    DV: He knows he’s a Muppet right?
    Jabba: Yeah, And you know your not a badass, right?

  7. Tuldabar says:

    Vader: I’ll take a large, stuffed crust with pepperoni and black olives and a side order of cinnamon breadsticks.

    Jabba: Hey, just because Pizza the Hutt is my cousin doesn’t make this any less awkward. Would you like a soda?

  8. JR19759 says:

    @Tuldabar- OMFG, I’m actually dead!!!

  9. Herman Smellville says:

    Vader: Yeah, so, this isn’t a pet-friendly office. It’s not my choice, but the building’s owner is tired of cleaning up Kowakian monkey-lizard scat. It’s a violation of our lease so…

    Jabba: I have a disability and Salacious is a certified emotional support animal.

  10. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    @Tuldabar- OMFG, I’m actually dead!!!

    Me too, I swear to god, applause to everyone participating

  11. Palazzo says:

    Vader: That…is the most disturbing Furby I have ever seen.
    Jabba: Yup.

  12. The Atomic Punk says:

    Vader: “What was that about?”

    Jabba: “Um. Watch where you step.”

  13. The Atomic Punk says:

    Vader: “Adam Sandler movie?”

    Jabba: “Worse. The new Powerpuff Girls.”

  14. Calvary_Red says:

    Darth Vader: Doesn’t that hurt your ears?
    Jabba: Well, Hutts don’t have ears.

    Darth Vader: Doesn’t that annoy you?
    Jabba: No. Not as much as this squirt that used to say “yippee.”

  15. Calvary_Red says:

    Darth Vader: You remind me of the babe.
    Jabba: What babe? Stop! I heard it when I said it! DO NOT START SINGING!

  16. Frankie says:

    DARTH VADER: “So, what’s this you’re watching?”

    JABBA the HUTT: “Hrmph. Gremlins double feature. He loves it when they harass Gizmo.”

  17. Herr D says:

    1. V: This is a SERIOUS scene. J: I KNOW. I’ll be in my trailer.
    2. V: I wanted a maniacal laugh . . . J: Force-choke him. PLEASE?!
    3. V: But his family was on Aldebaraan! J: I toldja! Little guy’s EVIL!

  18. Frankie says:

    DARTH VADER: “What happened? Did I miss anything?”

    JABBA the HUTT: “No. Umm, Hutt’s release Nitrous oxide when we fart.”

  19. Urban Poet says:

    Vader: Is that guy laughing at the clouds out there?

    Jabba: Note to self: lock away water pipe.

  20. Urban Poet says:

    Vader: Why do you keep on hiring these fools, Jabba?

    Jabba: Two reasons: They’re malicious and delicious. Guess what I’m eating right now.

  21. Grifter87 says:

    Vader: What’s with the twisted little Muppet?
    Jabba: Hey. We don’t use the ‘M” word in here.

  22. LoneWolf6155 says:

    Vader: Last Comic Standing with a Rancor?
    Jabba: Well… I find it hilarious!