Caption Contest #87 Results

Ok, so last week I asked you guys to give us the best replacement dialogue for this panel:

And as usual, here are my top 5 entries:

William A. Peterson: Crybabies like you are always losing your head over something!

HerrD: You voted for WHO?

HerrD: I don't CARE how much you saved on your car insurance

PrimeLionstar: Can you do me a favor? How sharp would you say this is?

Skoul: Just a little off the top, right?

But, as always, there can only be one. And that person is...



Note: I'm slow, I only got all the 32 jokes after I'd written this post. I thought it was a reference I wasn't getting. I derped.

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2 Responses to Caption Contest #87 Results

  1. William Peterson says:

    Yeah, I had to go back and look, too… Though I figured there was a page number in there, somewhere… 😉
    Congratulations, Herr D! Honestly, I don’t care about how much she saved on Car Insurance, either! 😀

  2. Herr D says:

    Thank you! . . . uh, what’s derping? Did I miss some anatomical detail in my research? Or is that a synaptic misfire? If it’s a synaptic misfire, I can recommend gradual increases of calcium in the diet. . .