The List: Another Top 10 Characters I’d Like To See In The DCEU

So, as promised last week, when I did Another Top 10 Characters I'd Like To See In The MCU, this week I'm focusing on the DCEU and characters I didn't mention the last time I did a list about who I'd like to see in the DCEU (so no Martian Manhunter, Nightwing, Batgirl or Ocean Master on this list). Problem is, the DCEU is so much harder to do than the MCU, because whilst Marvel have lots of established franchises at this point and TV shows that tie into the cinematic universe, DC only really has the Justice League characters and Suicide Squad whilst keeping their Films and TV Shows completely separate (and there's that whole aversion to origin stories thing they have). So I'm not going to suggest anything for TV because, honestly, keep the Arrowverse as far away from the DCEU as possible please. With that in mind, here are another 10 characters I'd like to see in the DCEU.

10. Metallo (John Corben)

Who?: The man with a kryptonite heart.

When/ Where?: Well, he's a Superman villain and kryptonite is Superman's one weakness, so maybe a Man of Steel sequel?

How/ Why?: Well, so far the track record for Superman villains in the DCEU is pretty spotty. Zod was good but is dead, Luthor is alive but was not good and Doomsday was just kinda there for the sake of being there (they should have used Bizarro and saved the Death Of Superman for the future). Brainiac would be another character I'd like to see, but given that they've gathered the Justice League already, Brainiac would make more sense as a JL villain, just for the sense of scale, plus Superman has already faced an alien threat so Brainiac might be a bit samey. Meanwhile Metallo would bring Superman down to Earth a bit more, give him that weakness that would make the film more investing. You could tie him in with Luthor, have Luthor be the benefactor in his life-saving surgery, or you could bring in Professor Ivo and build up a new villain that could work in the background in all the solo JL films before unleashing Amazo in a future League film (I think that would be pretty cool personally), or maybe do both? Speaking of which...

9. Professor Ivo (Anthony Ivo)

Who?: A genius scientist who specialises in cybernetics and has a crippling fear of death. He also has a rather nasty skin condition caused by a botched immortality potion.

When/ Where?: Well, as I said with the last entry, you could start off with him in a Man of Steel sequel, but honestly you could go with him anywhere. Cyborg's solo film (if it happens) would probably be the next best bet though.

How/ Why?: Because I like the idea of a background supervillain that isn't a giant alien threat. Lex Luthor would have been the ideal solution but I think most people are soured on the DCEU version. Besides, think of how many characters that a cybernetics expert could have interactions with in DC continuity. Obviously you have Amazo and Ivo's other creations, but outside of that you have the aforementioned Metallo, Cyborg, he could have helped design Mr. Freeze's life support system (we'll get to him later), Cyborg Superman if you wanted to do that, Robotman if you wanted to do Doom Patrol, T.O.Morrow and the Red Tornado, Dr. Magnus and the Metal Men. There's tons of possibilities.

8. John Constantine

Who?: Everyone's favourite foul-mouthed, Liverpuddlian Occult Detective.

When/ Where?: Well, if Suicide Squad can happen, I wouldn't rule out a Justice League Dark film, I mean maybe give him his own movie (provided it is a good movie, Keanu Reeves) I dunno.

How/ Why?: The biggest thing DC are trying to do with the DCEU is make it different to the MCU (well, no, technically it's the second biggest, the biggest thing is making money), but at the moment they're doing so by making films that don't need to be dark, too dark and by rushing things along so they can get to the big team ups quicker. If you want to make the DCEU dark, why not use a character that fits, rather than Superman? Sure Marvel have already done magic with Doctor Strange, but Constantine would be something completely different. I mean doing Shazam is going to bring magic into the DCEU eventually, so why not do a light and a dark side to it?  Admittedly, Constantine would work much better on TV (NBC! And why isn't he an actual fixture in the Arrowverse rather than a cameo player) so this is a tentative one for the films, but if done right, Hellblazer could be great on film.

7. Deadman (Boston Brand)

Who?: Well, he's this man right and he's dead. Like legitimately, he got shot and fell to his death. His ghost was forced to wander the Earth until his killer was brought to justice.

When/ Where?: Ummm, you know that Hellblazer movie I was just talking about? Or the JL: Dark.

How/Why?: Again, like Constantine, it'd bring another dimension to the DCEU. Plus I like the character and the idea behind the character. I mean, wasn't there talk that Guillermo Del Toro wanted to do this film? All of my Yes for that. Though having said that, he may not work on screen, it's a bit iffy, and like Constantine, he might be better suited to the smaller screen. But just imagine a Guillermo Del Toro film focusing on characters like Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon, Swamp Thing and the Phantom Stranger. Yes please. Just let it be R-Rated, it'd be so fun.

6. Black Manta

Who?: Aquaman's greatest foe and possibly the most under-rated villain in the history of comics. Oh and he killed Arthur Curry Jr.

When/ Where?: Aquaman solo movie.

How/ Why?: Because Death of a Prince is right there for adaptation. Admittedly, I'd rather see them do Ocean Master first, but hell, I would not complain if they used Black Manta, the guy is up there on the scale of "villains who are legitimately scary" with The Joker.

5. Mr Freeze (Victor Fries)

Who?: The ultimate tragic Batman villain and the guy whose greatest tragedy is that his cinematic legacy is Batman and Robin (for shame)

When/ Where?: Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nahnah-Batfleck.

How/ Why?: Because his cinematic legacy can't be Arnie and his ice puns. The one universally agreed on thing about the DCEU is that Ben Affleck is a great Dark Knight and considering the tone of the DCEU as a whole (especially the main JL-centric films), a character like Mr. Freeze would work against Batman. His story writes its self and it's a free pass to some good PR because you have to go out of your way to make a worse Mr. Freeze film than Batman and Robin.

4. Beast Boy (Gar Logan)

Who?: DC's resident green shapeshifter and joker of a certain superteam that I very much want to see get a film please.

When/ Where?: Well, there's a certain superteam that I'd very much like to see get a film please.

How/ Why?: Well, let's see. There is a certain superteam that Beast Boy is in that I'd very much like to see get a film please and it just wouldn't feel right not to include him.

3. Donna Troy

Who?: Wonder Woman's understudy who went on to become a much beloved heroine in her own right. Plus she was in a certain superteam that I'd really like to see get their own movie please.

Where/ When?: Well, Wonder Woman would be a good starting point (I'd be legitimately shocked if they didn't have her). If not then, what about a sequel? And then there's also the matter of that superteam. Maybe they could have their own movie at some point please?

How/ Why?: Well, in the case of the Wonder Woman movie, it just makes sense to have Donna Troy at least cameo in the film, she's one of the most recognised characters associated with the Amazons. On the other hand, it would be very nice to see a certain superteam get a film and Donna would almost certainly have to be in said film. If not her, then please give us Cassie, please.

2. Starfire (Koriand'r)

Who?: Resident alien Princess exiled to Earth who has superpowers and is part of a certain team that I'd really like to see get a movie, thanks.

When/ Where?: I think you've all got the message by now. Although maybe if you're going to hold off on doing that movie, you could cameo her in the Green Lantern Corps movie?

How/ Why?: *sigh* Ok, how: basically take the Teen Titans/ Teen Titans Go! version and use that as your base with a healthy sprinkling of the 80's comics version for good measure, no New 52 Slut-fire please. As for why? Well...


1. Raven

Who?: The stroppy goth girl from that team that I am not going to stop going on about them getting a movie until it actually happens #TeenTitansMovieNOW!!!!!!!!!!! Also, her father is a demon lord and if she loses control of her emotions her powers could be, what can only be described as... hell.

When/ Where?: I wonder #TeenTitantsMovieNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How/ Why?: Because #TeenTitansMovieNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, it was her story that brought together the most famous incarnation of the Teen Team. They came together to fight her father, she has the best character to focus on for a film outside of Nightwing who is the obvious lead being the leader and all. But mainly because you honestly couldn't have a Titans movie without her, or even the Titans without her at this point (DC!!!!) and I want to see a Teen Titans movie please. Screw a Cyborg solo movie, screw Cyborg being in the Justice League (he never should have been in the first place, even in the comics), get him where he belongs, introduce Donna Troy in the Wonder Woman movie, give us Nightwing in Batman and then have Gar, Kori and Raven introduced in the movie proper.  #TeenTitansMovieNOW!!!!!!!!!

I think I've made my point.

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