The List: Another Top 10 Characters I’d Like To See In The MCU

So, when I started doing lists last year, the first list I did was a list of the top 10 characters I'd like to see in the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, obviously Marvel have a lot of characters that are worthy of bringing to life and one list was never going to be enough to cover it, especially when the first list only looked at characters I'd like to see in the MCU films, not in MCU TV shows or Netflix series. So, to kick off the new year, lets take a look at another 10 characters I'd like to see in the MCU, both Film and TV.

10. Vance Astro (Vance Astrovik/ Major Victory)

Who?: A founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in Marvel canon, Astrovik is an astronaut and mutant with psychokinetic powers.

When/ Where?: Dunno? Guardians 3? I mean it's not like any other original Guardians like Yondu are in the series already?

Why/ How?: Dunno, I mean it's not like any other original Guardians like Yondu are in the MCU already. Wait, I think I might have just repeated myself. It'd just be nice to bring in some of the old characters really. As popular as Star Lord, Groot and Rocket are, it would be a shame to have Yondu be the only nod to the OG series. Guardians is the part of the MCU you can do the most with because it has relatively little stakes in terms of being faithful to the comics. Astrovik can be an antagonist who is trying to capture the Guardians for past crimes but then turns to become a protagonist, he could be an old friend of Yondu's or he could be basically the Captain America of the team, where he was captured by aliens during the space race of the 60's and kept in suspended animation until the Guardians free him. Or they could do something entirely different that we'll get to later.

9. Sentry (Robert Reynolds)

Who?: Marvel's (admittedly much worse and more emo) ripoff of Superman, who is also a schizophrenic and has a penchant for ripping people in half. Vertically.

When/ Where?: Depends on how you want to use him. His struggle against the Void could make for a really good Netflix TV show, but how much money would Marvel and Netflix be willing to throw at the SFX. Meanwhile, he could make for a good character to bring in to the Avengers if done right.

Why/ How?: Ok, so I can assume a lot of people will not like the fact I've suggested The Sentry, because he is a terrible Superman rip off and was an integral part of some of Marvels worst storylines of the last decade (Dark Avengers and Siege). However, he could really be interesting on screen. As I said, the more psychological aspects of his character, his struggle with his inner darkness and his trying not to lose control of his god-like power could make for an amazing Netflix series. On the flip side, bringing him into the films and watching his mental state slowly fall apart over a number of movies (solo and amongst the remnants of the Avengers post-Infinity War) until he becomes a threat that the Avengers have to step in and deal with, would be a very unique way to build a story for a superhero film series. His character is workable in the fact that whilst he has these powers that should render all other heroes pointless, he has a very good reason not to use them, being that if he loses control (which is a very real possibility) he could potentially destroy the world.

8. Hellcat (Patricia Walker)

Who?: Former model and teen romance comics star turned superheroine, she's also being portrayed by Rachael Taylor (albeit in non-superhero form) in the Jessica Jones Netflix series.

When/ Where?: She's being portrayed by Rachael Taylor in the Jessica Jones Netflix series. All we need is the costume.

Why/ How?: She's being portrayed by Rachael Taylor in the Jessica Jones Netflix series. She's in the MCU guys, lets just stick her in the spandex and let her join the Defenders. Just, try to stay away from the whole Damien Hellstrom thing, demons might be a bit too far.

7. Hercules

Who?: The Prince of Power, son of Zeus and demi-god. Strong enough to fight Hulk to a stalemate, he is a proud warrior and a valiant hero.

When/ Where?: Preferably on his own TV/ Netflix series rather than the films.

Why/ How?: So, you've got Thor right, who is a god but sort of isn't and is actually kind of an alien. So what about all the other gods that aren't Norse? Where do they fit in? There are two ways you could go with Hercules. You could either go the Thor route and have the Greek gods be "real" or you could have him be like the Ultimates Thor and be a deluded mutant (or Inhuman in the MCU case) who just thinks he's a god. Either way, there are a lot of Earth bound Thor villains that are too small for the Avengers and not suited for the Thor films, so why not have them go up against Hercules (unless they're going up against Luke Cage in the future). Guys like The Wrecking Crew and the Absorbing Man make sense for a small screen feature and given the current theme of Luke Cage, they don't really fit that show, but they could fit a Hercules show. Plus, you can put Hercules outside New York, in California maybe, because he isn't intrinsically tied to New York like Cage, Daredevil and Spider-Man.

6. Black Bolt

Who?: The Leader of the Inhumans. A man whose whisper can level a city and who has to go through hours of mediation each day before going to sleep so as to make sure he doesn't say anything during his sleep and destroy the building he is in.

When/ Where?: Well, ABC have ordered an Inhumans TV show set for premier in September this year, so looks like those episodes worth of teasing the Inhumans in Agents of Shield weren't wasted.

Why/ How?: Because they damn well teased the Inhumans for long enough in Agents of Shield. And if you're going to have the Inhumans, you'd better damn well have Blackbolt. Only problem is, his role will be completely silent, due to the nature of his power, so it's going to be difficult to portray. They're going to have to find a damn good actor to be able to portray a character of such power, serenity, wisdom and strength without uttering a single line of dialogue in most episodes. Good luck with that.

5. The New Warriors

Who?: Marvels premier teen super-team of the 90's, featuring a guy with a skateboard, the human rubber ball, Namor's slightly less annoying cousin, Marvel's Green Lantern rip-off, Vance Astrovik's younger self (you know, the guy who I mentioned as number 10 on the list) and it's not Starfire it's Firestar get it right!

When/ Where?: Ok, so the whole premise seems better suited to a TV show honestly, but looking at the effects they'll need it might end up being a movie. Hey, they got GOTG to work when no-one thought it would, so why not The New Warriors.

Why/ How?: Because they're fun. The team dynamic always was the strong point of this team, they were basically Marvels version of the Teen Titans just without the sidekick stigma. Also, there's lots you can do with the team depending on where you put them. If you introduce Vance Astro to the Guardians of the Galaxy, there's potential there, with his younger self. being in the New Warriors. Firestar has history with Spider-Man and Namorita could be a launching point for bringing Namor (groans) into the MCU on either platform. Also, what about a New Warriors TV series that follows the storyline in the comics where the New Warriors were the stars of their own TV series? That would be great... well, just as long as Nitro doesn't get involved near any schools.

4. Kang The Conqueror/ Rama-Tut/ Immortus/ The Scarlet Centurion/ This Guy Has Had Too Many Different Names/ Why Am I Still Typing This Title

Who?: The future ruler of all mankind and time-travelling adversary of The Avengers and Fantastic Four. He's also had too many names.

When/ Where?: Well an Avengers movie preferably. Unfortunately, 20th Century Fox hold the rights to the character for some reason, presumably so they could use him in one of their terrible Fantastic Four films that never happened.

Why/ How?: So, after Thanos has been defeated, the Infinity Guantlet destroyed and the universe saved, where do you go from there? You've just taken down the biggest big bad possible. Well, how about someone from the future? Someone who knows everything about the Avengers, who knows exactly what moves they are going to make and has weaponry that is beyond even Tony Starks wildest fever dreams? So far, the Avengers have faced 1 of their classic villains being Ultron. Yes, they've face Loki, but he's a Thor villains and yes, Helmut Zemo was in Civil War but he's a Cap villain really and only an Avengers level threat when part of the Masters of Evil. Kang is pretty much the go to Avengers foe other than Ultron, so it just makes sense that he is in an Avengers movie at some point. Marvel, get the rights back from Fox, they'll only ruin everything.

3. Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green)

Who?: The UNBEATABLE (that's the title of her comic and she's beaten Doctor Doom, Galactus, M.O.D.O.K, Terrax, Deadpool, Wolverine and Thanos in her time so no sense arguing) member of the Great Lakes Avengers and former baby sitter to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones daughter. #SquirrelGirlForTheMCU

When/ Where?: Preferably in a Great Lakes Avengers TV series. She'd be too light hearted for the dark and moody atmosphere of the Defenders serieses (I can grammar)

Why/ How?: Because #SquirrelGirlForTheMCU that's why.

2. Mysterio (Quentin Beck)

Who?: A very under-rated Spider-Man villain and former SFX wizard/ stunt man. He's also won numerous championships in the WWE, including their World Heavyweight Championship. I'm pretty sure that was the same Mysterio, right?

When/ Where?: Well, a Spider-Man film obviously.

Why/ How?: Is it just me or does Mysterio feel like the perfect fit for the MCU? His costume is outlandish but looks just realistic enough to work on the big screen. He has no powers, instead relying on tricks and special effects to commit crimes, making him more of a cerebral threat to the web-slinger, as opposed to the physical threats he has/ will otherwise face. Plus it gives the SFX team a chance to go all out and gives them a nod for the amazing work they've done on the series so far. Can you imagine some of the set pieces they could do just based off the effects. I mean, if they can make the Vulture of all people work, they can damn well make Mysterio work. Just don't turn him into a dime-a-dozen Joker/ Goblin rip-off and we'll be fine.

1. Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Who?: Marvel's current best character (possibly? I mean, who else is there? Because Marvel can't actually story properly anymore). A Muslim-American teenager who discovers she's an Inhuman with shapeshifting abilities (including the ability to manipulate the size of any part of her body) and decides to become a superhero. She's the best (sorry, fanboying).

When/ Where?: Well, preferably her own series on ABC now that they've got the Inhumans, but would anyone complain if they made the Inhumans series all about her? If she is going to be in that show, she has to be a main character, otherwise just give her a show to her self that has some crossover with the Inhumans show and maybe Agents of Shield (Ms Marvel + Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider is just the best). Although, it might be best to hold off on her for a little while, at least until Captain Marvel has come out. So maybe series 2/ 3 of the Inhumans?

Why/ How?: Because she's the best. Also, with Marvel diversifying their characters both on the big screen (Black Panther and Captain Marvel getting their own films soon) and on the small screen (Luke Cage and Jessica Jones with their own series and Robbie Reyes being Ghost Rider in Agents Of Shield), there really isn't much reason not to introduce Ms Marvel. But mostly because she's the best.

No characters I wouldn't like to see this time, because I can't think of too many good ones outside of Green Goblin (because he's overused) and maybe Wonder Man (because he's terrible). So, I think I'll just leave it there.

So, what do you guys think? Who would you like to see in the MCU who hasn't already been introduced or is scheduled to be introduced (see Cloak and Dagger)?

Join me next week when we take a look at another Top 10 Characters I'd Like To See In The DCEU.

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