Poll Position: Marvels Greatest Superheroine

Sorry this poll is up late guys, I was very busy yesterday.

Anyway, for this weeks poll, we're going to try to decide who is the greatest female hero in the history of Marvel comics. We're including anti-heroes, but no characters who usually come down on the villainous side of the moral spectrum but have occasionally been known to do some good.

As per usual, I've given you 10 to start and you can add your own suggestions. If you do add your own suggestions can you leave them in the same format I have on the poll (so, real name + superhero identity) so we can distinguish easily between characters who have shared the same or similar names.

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5 Responses to Poll Position: Marvels Greatest Superheroine

  1. William A. Peterson says:

    I have to go with Sue Richards… She’s been reasonably consistent over a LOT of years, she’s shown growth in both character and in power level, she’s withstood an awful lot without breaking down, she’s now scary powerful {When was the last time you saw someone THREATEN Victor von Doom, and live to tell the tale?}, despite having originally been “Helpless Girl” who has to run away and hide when she first started…
    That’s saying quite a lot in today’s comics world!
    Second place to She-Hulk, who mostly only loses in the continuity department…
    Trouble is, that’s a BIG step down!
    From Savage She-Hulk, to John Byrne’s favorite comedienne, to Super-Lawyer Supreme, to Peter David’s “I don’t understand what the last guy was doing, so I’m making the character completely unrecognizable”, and whatever they’ve done since, she’s had a bit TOO much of a Roller Coaster ride…

  2. darkvatican says:

    I would say Ororo Monroe (Storm). There are lots of female villains that switch over to heroes, but few that then become the mainstay heroine for an entire portion of the Marvel U. Her power levels have risen dramatically, and her position in the X-Men is generally considered to be leadership-level.

  3. The Atomic Punk says:

    Jean Grey had the most profound impact on the Marvel Universe.

    Storm is powerful but you can’t say her name without bringing up the other X-Men. Same with Sue Richards and the Fantastic Four.

    Carol Danvers’ promotion really gave her a push in popularity.

    She-Hulk has the best sense of humor. I would not be surprised to see her in an upcoming season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    When I was a comics regular, Spider-Woman seemed to have the most solo success. I wouldn’t be surprised if she also shows up at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

    My honorable mention goes to Dazzler.

    * (As an aside, I am really enjoying Spirit of Vengeance. I balked at Ghost Rider driving a car instead of riding a motorcycle. The way that they did Robby Reyes’ origin was very satisfying.)

  4. keric says:

    Wow, @ A. Punk going for Dazzler!
    I love She hulk, she was a fourth was breaking comic great!
    Now, for the joke character: Jubilation Lee!

  5. William A. Peterson says:

    AP, sure,, for about one year, Jean Grey (or, actually, The Phoenix Force impersonating Jean Grey) was really, really, impressive…
    But I read Comics (or used to) for the Continuity, not just the Cosmic Hoo-hah factor.
    If I think that She-Hulk did a little too much bouncing around to be considered, I think you can imagine what I think of Jean Grey! From Helpless Girl, Jr., who can telekinetically lift a screwdriver when asked for a pair of pliers, to the X-Men’s Fashion Designer, to Phoenix, and all the things that have happened (then not-happened, then had always been that way, then happened all over again, et cetera), Jean has NOT been a model of consistency.
    I like her, I like a LOT of the characters on this list, but #1 is still Sue Storm/Richards…