Anime Talk: Ghost In The Shell official trailer!

Just a quickie post today too share with you all the first official trailer for the live action adaptation of the Anime Ghost In The Shell staring Scarlet Johanson.

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6 Responses to Anime Talk: Ghost In The Shell official trailer!

  1. JR19759 says:

    Looks like they’ve got a completely new storyline from the manga, the 1995 film or the 2015 New Move, but then the New Movie had a different story to the previous 2 so that’s ok. Still threw me for a bit of a loop though as I was kinda expecting a straight translation of one of them.
    I like the visuals, it looks very good. The aesthetic is in keeping with the anime versions so they haven’t messed that up. I really hope that they don’t keep her in that naked look costume you see at the start of the trailer proper for the whole film, it looks naff af. Batou looks good, I was worried they might mess up his look considering how distinct he is, but that isn’t a worry any more. Oh and are they just baiting with the lesbian kiss scene or did they really go there. I mean I don’t mind either way, but it’ll be interesting to see just how far they’re going to go with this film, considering the backlash it’s already had for a) being a western adaptation of a beloved Japanese export and b) whitewashing. Just got to wait and see at this point now.
    One query I do have about the whole thing and really put me on alert even before the trailer started. Why have Scarlet Johanssen introduce the trailer? When does that ever happen that you have the lead in the film introducing its first trailer. It immediately made me think, “Oh God, the studio don’t have any faith in this. They’re trying to get some good will for it before we’ve even seen the first trailer”. Not a good way to introduce people to your project. IMO. Luckily the trailer wasn’t bad, but still, bad first impression.

  2. Kaldath says:

    @jr – I hope they do away with that suit quickly myself, but I guess tgey are using it for possible rating purposes? The times we see it in the trailer correspond with scenes from the Anime where the Major is Nude. So maybe they are trying to keep it from Getting an R rating or Johanson didn’t want to do nude scenes.

  3. Arioch says:

    I am myself surprised, but seeing SJ’s face instead of the major… Urk. This breaks my suspension of disbelief 🙁

    The suit does it too. Boy, is it ugly!

    Otherwise, looks great!

  4. The Atomic Punk says:

    To be honest, I’m really not into Ghost in the Shell. Cool concept but I found the Stand-Alone Complex series to be awkward and overly-complicated. It went on random tangents that never converged into a story arc. The disparate elements did finally come together to bring it all to a contrived end.

    This trailer looks like the world of Total Recall. The really crappy one. Not the cool one with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Toss in Scarlet Johansson for some star power / sex appeal. She just doesn’t read “The Major” to me.

    I’m thinking that this adaptation will be another Æon Flux or Ultraviolet.

  5. Drinkfluid says:

    Did I see Judge Dredd’s helmet in the background of one scene?

    Plus, the unmasked Geisha Robot shown towards the end of the trailer looks like something from Doctor Who.

  6. Kaldath says:

    Watching the trailer again, it seems from the very limited information it resents that they are going for a combination of the Puppet Master story from the original movie with a bit of the Laughing Man story thrown in from the Stand Alone Complex tv series.