Caption Contest #79 Result

Last week, I asked you guys to come up with the best replacement dialogue for this picture:


Here are my top 5:

The Atomic Punk: Can I borrow your hat?

Calvary Red: Hey, are you going to be the Fantastic Four sequel?

Katmir: Haha, brain freeze! I told you to start with Brazil, but Nooooo...!

Worf: Duuuude! That fart! Are you turning into a big ball of gas again????

John Bakke: So I was thinking along the lines of “The Chrome Wakeboarder”. But then I was told that might get me in trouble for copyright infringement. Anyways I billed a shipment of metallic spray paint to your credit card. Also, you owe me five new spare suits… When do I start?

And the winner is....



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2 Responses to Caption Contest #79 Result

  1. cliff says:

    HA HA HA Too Funny! Congrats Katmir.

    Well done everyone. good laughs this AM

  2. Herr D says:

    Too spicy? Good stuff, guys.