Pop Quiz – Out of this World! – Results

Honorable mention this week goes to Atomic Punk for his vibrant and creative take.


T|his week's win goes to Cliff. The lighting effects are top notch and really helped set the scene.


Just a quick note. There will be no Pop Quiz next weekend, but will return on October 15th.

Thanks to all who entered.

3 Responses to Pop Quiz – Out of this World! – Results

  1. Herr D says:

    [sniff] These were all so good they made me homesick . . .

  2. The Atomic Punk says:

    Congratulations, Cliff! The light and shadow effects are amazing. I like the sepia-like tone. What really captured my eye was the “sunlight in a camera lens” effect. Brilliant! (ahem)

    Thanks for the nod, djuby. I tried to get a panoramic, but the screen kept “jumping” so I couldn’t get a clean capture. More “nature photography” than a landscape view.

    @HerrD: You’re Vynths must live in a 1980s pop art poster. 🙂

    @MurrImAButterfly: Resrum looks like the Switzerland of Space. The soft colors make the eye flow around the scenery.

    @Ravenmoore: Erebus looks very regal with the fortress jutting forth from the landscape. It reminds me of Krull.

    I don’t care what anyone says, I saw Krull when I was 7 years-old. It was and still is an exciting movie. Plus, I totally rocked the video game. Totally.

  3. cliff says:

    Oh WOW Thank you djuby!
    I have been so whiped out from dialysis lately, I ws surprised I got this entry done.
    My friend John mentioned the glare effect might overshadow the Wandering Woods and gritty sky, which I wondering if it hasn’t.
    But I am glad it was all appreciated. I have concepts for Trinity’s storey based off thjs.

    @Herr D. Heh love your sense of humor and what an imagination.

    @ Atomic Punk. Thank you very much. Such generous comments to us all. And I second what he said on eveyone. Well done.
    Atomic, my wife and I had you set for a win, such a good landscape
    with the red foliage (particularly liked the red fern on the arcing rock formation), blue reptile and yellow fish swimming upstrem and the lovely sky, All quite lovely.
    PS Atomic Punk, I agree. I loved Krull when I saw it as a kid. 🙂