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Kaldath Here with ,y newest Health update. As things stand at the moment, I am no longer on any prescription pain medication thus my pain levels have increased a bit but so far nothing I can not bare with the help of OTC pain meds.  I have completed my IV infusion treatments and have had my IV PICC line taken out. I just underwent a battery of tests to see if I can be put in the Hyperbaric chamber to aid my foot in healing, and speaking of the foot the doctor is concerned that one of the 3 injuries is not healing fast enough and that there may still be some bone infection which would result in me lossing more bone from my foot via amputation and I just had a CT scan to check that out so obviously not the best of news, but hopefully the scan shows me infection free. At the very least I have the weekend off for the first time from any kind of medical treatment. Tomorrow is my birthday and I thankfully will not need to spend it in a hospital or doctors office!!

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