Happy 8th Blogiversary to Us!

It's the eight blogiversary of the first post here on HeroMachine.com! Since it's also, coincidentally, Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I wanted to be sure and tell Kaldath and all the mods how thankful I am for keeping the whole enterprise rolling along, and to you all for reading and participating in sharing your creativity through contests and forum posts.

I'm not nearly as involved as I was early on for a host of reasons, but my appreciation for your imagination and your friendship has never diminished. Thank you one and all!

5 Responses to Happy 8th Blogiversary to Us!

  1. Nug says:

    That’s cool! I hadn’t checked the date on the first post, but I did have it saved as an image for a future Forgotten Freshness! Congrats on eight years, Jeff! One awesome community you started!

    A link to the very first post:

  2. Gene says:

    Congrats! And thank you to the team that keeps things going! 🙂

  3. Brons says:

    Of course, HeroMachine.com, pre-blog, goes back at least to February, 2001, and some of us have been fans and customers for all or most of that time.


    A big “Thank you!” to Jeff for all the versions from the 0.x betas on.

  4. dblade says:

    Awesome! Let’s keep going and going and going and going…

  5. Herr D says:

    [victoriously holds up pieces of pink fur and small drum set] Yes. It is US who will endure . . . muahaHAHAHAHAHA!