Character Of The Week: Anarchangel- Aerial

Ok, first things first, sorry there wasn't a COTW post last week. There wasn't a huge amount posted on the forums last week and that, coupled with a lack of time on my end, meant that I wasn't able to do one. As for this week, well, still not a huge amount in terms of stuff that was posted (so I won't be doing an Also Awesome), but I do have a bit of time, so here it is. And this week we are once again featuring Anarchangel, and, if I'm being honest, I'm a bit disappointed that I'm having to feature this on COTW rather than in the contest poll, because for whatever reason, double A hasn't entered it. No idea why. The costume is, as usual, really nicely designed, a few rough joins on some of the patterns around the neck and chest area but nothing too major. The pose really gives off a floating, free vibe, enhanced by the blowing capes. And I like the lightness of the colours as well, white and gold always work well together, especially on a character with a mystical, light style.

Gallery: Anarchangel's Archive

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