Character Of The Week- AMS vs. Nug

Do I need to explain this? At all? It's AMS! (Gestures to one side). And Nug! (Gestures to the other side). Collaborating! (Gestures at the screen). That is enough reason to put this as COTW.

Gallery: errr….. hang on, that's not right.

Galleries (that's better): Nugarius on DeviantartΒ & smitty309 on Deviantart

This has only been posted on Deviantart so far, so might as well put the links to those galleries. And anyway, everyone knows where to find both of these guys galleries on the forums.

Also Awesome This Week

More AMS- Atalanta (COTW Joint Silver Medal)

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CantDraw- Feather (COTW Joint Silver Medal)

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CosmicComics- Cyborg



Gallery- The World Of CosmicComics

FnyFny- Hello

Gallery- FnyFny:Artworks

JR19759- BrightCake (Yeah, I'm gonna put this in here, so sue me).

Unleashed- NewSoulJadey

Gallery- Unleashed Characters

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7 Responses to Character Of The Week- AMS vs. Nug

  1. wolvie316 says:

    Wow!!! Two of my favorite machiners teaming up to create a masterpiece

  2. dreadyacht says:

    Ok, I’ll sue you (Bazinga!)

  3. Herr D says:

    Great stuff

  4. FnyFny says:

    Wow! Thank!! I did not expect that my work would be here.

  5. The Atomic Punk says:

    Excellent collaboration, AMS & Nug! The individual characters are awesome by themselves. I like the armored character the most.

    @CantDraw: Feather is incredible! The pose right down to the sole of her foot. The shape and placement of her feathers are amazing. The color palette is vibrant. Especially the brightness of the character against the pale almost pastel background. And it all comes together with her bewitching facial expression.

    Good stuff, everyone!

  6. Nug says:

    Oh cool! Glad you all like it! Sorry I’ve been scarce… I’ve had more than one death in the family to deal with as of late, so it will continue a while longer.

    Figures the one one week I get not one but three characters featured… AMS gets four! πŸ˜‰

    @CD One of the best I’ve seen from the machine!

    Great job to all and thanks for the feature JR!

  7. JR19759 says:

    @Nug- Sorry to hear that dude. Hope things get better for you soon.