Character Of The Week- AMS vs. Nug

Do I need to explain this? At all? It's AMS! (Gestures to one side). And Nug! (Gestures to the other side). Collaborating! (Gestures at the screen). That is enough reason to put this as COTW.

Gallery: errr….. hang on, that's not right.

Galleries (that's better): Nugarius on Deviantart & smitty309 on Deviantart

This has only been posted on Deviantart so far, so might as well put the links to those galleries. And anyway, everyone knows where to find both of these guys galleries on the forums.

Also Awesome This Week

More AMS- Atalanta (COTW Joint Silver Medal)

Gallery- See above

CantDraw- Feather (COTW Joint Silver Medal)

Gallery- CantDraw Gallery Of Bad Art

CosmicComics- Cyborg



Gallery- The World Of CosmicComics

FnyFny- Hello

Gallery- FnyFny:Artworks

JR19759- BrightCake (Yeah, I'm gonna put this in here, so sue me).

Unleashed- NewSoulJadey

Gallery- Unleashed Characters

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