Pop Quiz Winner

So this is a bad situation to be in; I would rather have two hundred entries and have to pick a winner, than to have only two options. Basically because one person will win and the other will not. (The Canadian in me has trouble using the word l-l-l-lose!)

Anyway here we go...


First we have Worf's "super" take on the character; awesome colour blocking...


...and then another JLA take on the brief by Keric. Great idea and also very well realized.

So here is the part that makes me feel like a dick. (Although calling it a tie would make me feel more like a dick.)

This week's winner is....Worf. Great job and congratulations.

4 Responses to Pop Quiz Winner

  1. keric says:

    Dj ~as “number 2” I have to say, in this case (and maybe only this case, but…) Second place feels like first! Well done Worf.
    Do you know what is real fun?
    Having your base model move while you are masking!

  2. Worf says:

    Thanks Djuby. I think Keric did a great job, specially with the middle white section there.

    Next time you want to try this, have us alter the pose of a companion… THAT will take whole new levels of masking…. 😉

  3. djuby says:

    Great idea!

  4. Herr D says:

    Great work, both of you. Sorry I mixed up a.m. and p.m. again . . . you would’ve had a third entry.