Feedback Wanted

Something happened today that has gotten me extremely disgusted and pissed off. A former member of this community has accused me of abuse of power and to paraphrase, in a nut shell has said I am being a bully here on the site. At this exact moment in time I am so angry that I am considering walking away and quitting my position as a moderator and blogger for Heromachine.

Now I know after I cool off and allow more rational thought to settle in I will realize just how foolish that line of thought is, especially considering the source of this accusation. Quitting will just be allowing him to win! But this does lead me to the point of this post. I want some honest feedback without any fear of reprisal on my part for what you have to say here. I need to know if any one else in the HeroMachine community feels I am abusing my power here?

I know I am not as friendly as JR or Linea24 I have not been known to go out of my way to greet new member like they do and I only tend to put up to handle technical issues or deal with rules violations, heck even I think Jr is the Current "Face" of Heromachine. My role has always been more in the background keeping the wheels turning,  even when it was just me and HammerKnight running things. Sure I am strict when it comes to enforcing our rules here on the site but I don't think I am unfriendly or that I  abuse my power, but maybe I'm wrong. SO I want your opinion on my performance here. I am not looking for a pity party or a pat on the back to cheer me up. I want to know what you honestly think good or bad, so please leave a comment below


Thank You!


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