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Hello fellow machiners and welcome to another edition of Kaldath's Corner where I talk about things that I find interesting. This week I am going to once again geek out over the Japanese Kawaii Metal group Babymetal!

For those who do not know who Babymetal are and for any new members to our site let me begin with this explanation. Babymetal is a group of 3 teenage girls; Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto Age 17 ) Yui-Metal (Yui Mizuno Age 15 ), and Moa-Metal (Moa Kikuchi Age 15) along with a backup band ( known as the Kami band ) from Japan that perform a new genre of Metal music which they have dubbed Kawaii Metal ( Cute Metal ). Kawaii metal is a fusion of J-Pop/Idol style lyrics/vocals and Heavy Metal style instrumentals.

I first heard of Babymetal exactly one year ago this month and became a huge fan almost instantly! Which you can read about HERE.  Since I have first heard of the group they have grown huge in popularity. Last year in 2014 they released their first full length album, and have gone on a world tour. Babymetal have performed in France, Germany, Canada, the UK, and the US. They have opened shows for LadyGaga, They have performed at major Heavy Metal festival along side such acts as Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, and they have perform many Solo concert.

Every concert they have perform on their world tour has sold out and now Babymetal is now gearing up for a second world tour for 2015. They are getting ready to put on some more amazing concerts and it is Babymetal concerts which I am here to discuss today, or more specifically one Babymetal concert in particular.

On January 10th 2015 Babymetal performed a Concert at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan which has come to be known as Legend 2015 - Fox New Year Festival. This concert was recorded and just a week ago was broadcast on TV in Japan, which in itself would not warrant me writing this except that this broadcast was uploaded to the Dailymotion video sharing site and that Babymetal themselves had posted the links to the Dailymotion videos on their official Facebook page for their fans enjoyment!  (Links to the Videos Will be below)

Now except for a few bad fan cams on youtube I have not had the pleasure of seeing a Babymetal concert, thought I almost went to see them in New York this past November but I was low on funds and couldn't afford tickets, so this was a very pleasant treat for me to watch!  My only complaints were a few issues with Yui and Moa's mics which would occasionally either dip in volume or a few times drop out completely and the fact that they did not show the entire concert cutting about 5 songs from the playlist performed that night. These issues did not take away from my overall enjoyment of the show however and let me say what a show it was.

Right from start of the show I was incredibly impressed. These girl give there all when performing. The energy they radiate on stage, the lighting and other effect and the level of crowd interaction with the audience all combine to in such away that is unbelievable. I also have to point out how well the girls are growing as singers. I own there first album which came out in early 2014, though a lot of the songs on it were recorded much earlier as the girls have been performing as Babymetal for 3 or 4 years now. The girls voices are maturing nicely especially Su's  and you can really hear it in this concert if you are familiar with their music at all!  If you have seen this concert I would like to hear your feedback below. If you are a fan of Babymetal I'd like to hear what you think and if you are not a fan I'd also like to hear what you have to say. Below I will link you to the concert videos ( which is broken into two parts ) along with a break down of the set list featured in them.


Part 1:



Show Opening and Group Intro,

Song 1 - Megitsune (english title: Vixen )

Song 2 - ii ne (english title: So Good ) = Not one of my favorite songs because of the hip hop elements, but still enjoy it

Song 3 - 4 no Uta (english title: "Song 4") = This song was actually written by Yui and Moa

Song 4 - Akumu no Rondo (english title: Rondo of Nightmare )

They Cut to some photos from Babymetal's 2014 world tour then to an interview with the girls which unfortunately is in Japanese without any subtitles.

Song 5 - Head Bangya (english title: Headbanger )

Song 6 - Gimme Choco (english title: Gimme Chocolate) = The song that went Viral on youtube and started their climb to international success

Song 7 - Ijime, Dame, Zettai (english title: No More Bullying)

End Of Part 1


Part 2:


Set List 

Part 2 starts off with a bunch of clips of from concerts in 2013 and 2014

2013 song clips - Babymetal Death, Megitsune,  and "Ijime, Dame, Zettai"

2014 song clips -  Gimme Chocolate and  Catch Me If You Can

Next two is more interview time with the girls which end with their infamous answer to any question about the future of the group. "Only The Fox God Knows"

Song 8 - Babymetal Death

Song 9 - Doki Doki Morning ( english title: Heart-Pounding Morning )

Song 10 - Road Of Resistance = New song which they premiered at a concert in London back in November

End Of Part 2


Songs Performed at this concert but not featured in this video are: 

Bubble Dreamer ( Tentative title ) = Brand new song I have not heard yet

Akatsuki = One of Su's two solo performance which I would have preferred to have been featured instead of Rondo of Nightmare.

Onedar Dai Sakusen  = Song by just Yui and Moa ( the duo is known collectively as Black Babymetal ) which again I would have preferred be featured instead of "Song 4"

Catch Me If You Can


Uki Uki Midnight

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