Character Of The Week: Candruth- Portrait

Yep, another Candruth one. But this time I'm not actually going to talk about it, and not because I've talked at length about Candruth's shading ability multiple times now. But instead Candruth quite nicely did a time-lapse video of the shading process for this picture, which I think everyone should see. Pay close attention kiddies, you're about to learn a few things.

Candruth's forum gallery: Candruths Characters :3

Also awesome this week.

Ruffblade027- Sword In The Stone

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Hexadecimal- Fallen

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Angel Of Chaos- Metatron

Gallery: Angel Of Chaos

Linea24- Violetta

Gallery: Linea24's Astra Universe

MadJack- Baron Samedi

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Lef- Avatar

Gallery: Flash99GR on DeviantArt

What do you guys think of having the new Also Awesome This Week bit to the post. Sometimes there are more great images than I can feature in one week, so I thought it would be nice to give them a shout out as well, just without the long text from me. Opinions?

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