Creators Club 2015

Hey guys JR here, bringing you the formal announcement of this years Creators Club poster, something which we are trying to get to be an annual thing.

This years poster will be done by MadJack who came up with the idea of doing a Days Of Future Past cover themed poster. Since we haven't done a superhero themed poster, I thought this would be a good theme (especially considering a certain film that came out last year). So, the idea is this; you guys have to create a self-portrait, either realistic or idealised, of yourself as a superhero. You can show powers and have poses other than the standard straight-on pose if you wish (zypping is also optional), but we must insist on two things. 1: Your character's face must be forward facing and 2: No Masks, we want to see all of your wonderful faces. Also, no backgrounds, MadJack will deal with all of that stuff when he puts the poster together.

For your entry to be acceptable you must complete the following criteria. If you don't then you don't get on the poster.

1. Your entry must be in .png format. You must title it in standard contest entry style i.e. Username- Creators Club Poster (for example I would title mine JR19759- Creators Club Poster). Don't screenshot the picture and send that in, export it as a .png please.

2. You MUST include the text for your entry. Mandatory. This is incase MadJack needs to re-export any of the files in a bigger or smaller format. You can include it as an attachment in the email or just paste it into the email, but you have to have the text accessible.

3. Your email has to be titled something applicable to the Creators Club, so its easy to recognise as not-spam.

4. You only have one entry, so make sure you're happy with it before you send it in. It doesn't have to be the worlds best creation, this is only for fun after all, but we don't want endless revisions.

Once you've met all of those criteria, send your entries to MadJack at Submissions will be open from today until February 10th 2015. This is open to everyone in the community, you don't have to be especially prolific or a Power User or anything, you just have to be a part of the Heromachine community. And remember, this isn't a challenge, so just have fun with it.

If MadJack wants to add anything, then I'm sure he'll do so in the comments, but other than that. JR out.

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23 Responses to Creators Club 2015

  1. ams says:

    Question – If you are using the traditional Days of future past cover shot as a template (Wolverine and Kitty Pryde in front of a large poster of who apprehended or slain), do you need a whole body pose or just the bust?

  2. Nug says:

    I was wondering that too.

  3. JR19759 says:

    Unless MadJack says otherwise do full body pics.

  4. Mad Jack says:

    @ ams & Nug: It’s not gonna be a one-to-one copy of the DOFP cover. Also I plan on doing something special with the finished poster for which a full body pose works best … 😉

    A few further thoughts:

    – If you want to have an additional superhero name for your alter ego, that’s no problem (i.e. if your username doesn’t sound exactly superheroic, like “Cliff” or “Sabrina”). In that case simply title your entry accordingly (for example “The Brit – JR19759 – Creators Club Poster”).

    – When you export your picture as a .png please use the highest resolution (2048×1536).

    And Jeff, if you’re reading this: How are the chances that you’ll also contribute an image of you as a superhero (maybe handdrawn but that’d be up to you)? Then I could use you as a substitute for Wolverine on the poster … 😉

  5. Suleman says:

    Some questions:
    1. When you say “facing forward”, can the face be angled ever so slightly to the side? To the point that e.g. one ear is shown more clearly than the other? The face is still very much visible, but the angle makes more sense for the pose I’m using.
    2. I assume shading and such is alright?

  6. JR19759 says:

    @Suleman- I’ll leave the first question up to MadJack, but as for the second, I do say that Zypping is optional. If you want to do it, you can, but it’s not mandatory.

  7. Mad Jack says:

    I’d say, as long as both ears are visible it’s forward enough for me … 😉

  8. Suleman says:

    Ah, yes, “zypping”. You youngsters and your street lingo.
    Okay, cool, I’ll be sending my picture along soon.

  9. Blunt Object says:

    Having never done this before, some clarification please
    1. Masks are not allowed but I assume eye glasses are OK.
    2. Masks are not allowed but would a hood be OK?
    3. Is it permissible to post my character on this comment stream if I want to make certain it fits within the rule parameters before emailing it to Madjack?

    As always, thanks for your guidance

  10. Mad Jack says:

    @ Blunt Object:

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Mail it to me and I’ll tell you if it fits or not…

  11. livewyre1014 says:

    Style question…when you say create ourselves as superheroes, that’s straight forward enough. However, if you are drawing inspiration from the DOFP cover, do you want us to age the superhero version of ourselves as if they are the future versions?

  12. Mad Jack says:

    Like the late Kurt Cobain once said: Come as you are … 😉

  13. Sabrina says:

    Fingers crossed that I can make something worthy of being on a poster with so many great Machiners. At least I don’t have to try any super funky posing… I have a feeling that more static shots will work better.


    @MadJack… Hey, what do you mean my name doesn’t sound superheroic? 😉

  14. Mad Jack says:

    @ Sabrina: Well, unless you’re a Teenage Witch… 😀

    Since there are still people who don’t know how to save the text for their characters, here once again a little tutorial:

    When using a Windows PC:
    1.) Open the Text Editor by clicking Start > Programs > Accessories > Editor
    2.) Open HM3 in your browser and load your character.
    3.) Click save in HM3.
    4.) Choose the tab “Text” and you can see the HM-Code of your character.
    5.) Place your cursor somewhere in the text and press CTRL+A followed by CTRL-C
    6.) Go to your open Editor window and put your HM-Code in it by pressing CTRL+V
    7.) Save the code as a “txt” file somewhere on your computer where you can find it again later. Best if you name the txt file the same as the character, but that’s up to you.
    8.) Done!

    When using a Mac:
    1.) Open TextEdit in the “Programs” folder or with Launchpad (OS X Lion und Mountain Lion)
    2. – 8.) The same as under Windows …

    Also: A picture or text without file extension is useless to me – how am I supposed to know what kind of file it is?! -_-

  15. Nug says:

    I’m gonna laugh so hard when Sabrina’s pic turns out to be a witch.

  16. Sabrina says:

    Actually… do I even have a choice now? 😀 I haven’t decided how I’m going to design it yet, but some sort of witchy superhero is now oddly appealing.

  17. Nug says:

    😀 @ Sabrina.
    @Mad Jack is it ok if we proud of our creations and post em on the forums? Eh? Eehhh? 😀

  18. Mad Jack says:

    Sure – why not ….

  19. Skoul says:

    @Mad Jack

    Also I plan on doing something special with the finished poster for which a full body pose works best …

    Does that mean you want an action pose or more of a static pose?

  20. Mad Jack says:

    That’s completely up to you …

  21. Suleman says:

    Mad Jack:
    I changed my mind, my character should probably be referred to as Suleman, since we’re supposed to be somewhat recognizable in the image. No one will know who Space Wizard is.

  22. Mad Jack says:

    @ Suleman: Don’t worry – the way I do it, you’ll be recognizable. So, you see, your mind doesn’t matter … 😉

    BTW: I have everything finished so far – all I need now are your entries. So, send me them already!!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Can’t wait to show you guys what I came up with … 😀 *fidgetingonchairwithpleasantanticipation*

  23. Mad Jack says:

    Oh, almost forgot to mention that “superhero” doesn’t necessarily means “spandex”. See for example Doctor Strange, Blade, Rorschach, etc. 😉