Kaldath’s Caption Contest #44 – Results

Last week I asked you all to give me your best dialogue for the following image:

SM and DP

After a bit of a delay in the judging here are my top five entries.


1. Spider-Man: What the hell is all of this?
Deadpool: Hey, I was created by Rob Liefeld.


Mr. Q

Deadpool: I call it the Liefeld look.
Spider-Man: I call it gaudy and unnecessary.



S: What’s with the belt-buckle that looks like my face?

D: It looks like you’re sticking your tongue out when you pee!



SM- Don’t you think this is overkill for a kid’s show appearance?
DP- Those 8 year olds can be a tough crowd.


Ubiquitous Pixel

Spider-man: Can’t tell if all this makes me feel heavier or if it’s the ego attached to it…

Deadpool: Defiantly a little a heavy since it flattened your spidey feet!


And our winner is ...................................................


Mr. Q

SM and DP 2

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