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Seems like every other week now a new super-being stars in a CGI laden film doing fantastic things and saving the world from other super-beings. Thanks to advances in SFX, we are now in the Golden Age of superhero movies. Gone are the days when Superman’s flying was rendered by crude animation, Starman’s by being suspended by obvious wires, balloons shaped like Captain Marvel being towed around, or dummies of Commando Cody sliding down a cable.

Even with the present popularity of the genre, sometimes movies fall in the cracks and are never seen again. While most of them are deserving of this ignoble fate, there are some nuggets to be gleaned from this celluloid dreck, and you can decide for yourself if anything here interests you. Since most of you ungrateful brats have no sense of or appreciation for history, these articles have been limited to English language films made in the last 40 years. This week’s turkey:

The Fantastic Four

 CS F4

New Horizons


The FF go up against a comic-relief version of Dr. Doom and some guy that lives in a sewer.

This abomination only got made because Marvel Comics wouldn’t renew Neue Conatantin Films option to make a Fantastic Four film unless they first made a Fantastic Four film, so they gave Roger Corman a few million bucks to pump this thing out before the deadline. It was a bad pastiche of several story lines and the “original” villain the Jeweler, whose lair was in a storm drain. To quote MST3K’s Pearl Forrester, “It stars nobody and features nothing.”

CS F4 2

New Horizons

Scarecrow, Dorothy, Tin Man and Lion


Marvel was appalled by the result and bought the movie back from Bernd just so they could order all of the copies destroyed. Unfortunately, Roger’s film went and got copied by some enterprising individual on his staff and ended up as countless bootlegs that are still being sold at every Comic Book Convention in the world. Eichinger actually went on to make the (serious) Fantastic Four film of 2005, so his underhanded ploy evidently worked. That one (and the ridiculous sequel) also sucked diseased donkey balls, but they did have better special effects.

CS F4 3

New Horizons

CGI, Corman style. Also know as cartoon animation

Why you should see it:

It’s a superhero movie produced by Roger Corman and is hilariously bad.

Why you haven’t:

Marvel paid the producers to destroy all copies of the film because it sucked so badly.

They were right, of course, but that’s beside the point. Plus, it’s on YouTube right now.

CS F4 4

New Horizons

Glad no one can recognize me under all this latex!


Thank you and good viewing.

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