Character Of The Week: Vectorman316- Justice Sandwich

Character of the Week is back weekly again. And what better way to kick it off than with a creation so brilliantly bonkers it makes DeliriousAl's comments look normal 😉

Where exactly do I start. Well, it's a sandwich with a cape. What's not to love. I could try and be all sensible and professional about this, talk about the colour contrast between the character and the background and how it makes the character stand out even more and look more striking, but honestly…. It's a sandwich with a cape. How exactly am I meant to be sensible about this? Though I must say, those eyes are easily my favourite part about this picture. I would really love to know what Subway you're getting this sort of food from VM. I need to go there sometime.

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8 Responses to Character Of The Week: Vectorman316- Justice Sandwich

  1. CantDraw says:

    Finally, a hero I can have over for dinner.

  2. Herr D says:

    Vectorman! I KNEW somebody else must have found that little sandwich shop! Good going!

  3. William Peterson says:

    You DID notice that his ‘cape’ is a stray piece of lettuce, right? 😉

  4. KatmirStone says:

    Justice Sandwich > Powdered Toast Man

  5. JR19759 says:

    @William Peterson- yes, I did know, but it’s meant to look like a cape.

  6. Vectorman316 says:

    I’m both delighted and surprised to see how well received this pic was! Thank you all for the feedback. Hopefully, when the forums are back up, I can teach you all the ways of the sammich.

    “Sandwich man from a sandwich land, beware his crumbs of justice” -BagelfishTrousers, DeviantArt page for this picture

  7. cliff says:

    Well alrighty then. Talk about thinking out of the box … or bread wrapper. I always loved those socks from the 70s, I am also impressed with the rooftop, not sure how you made that. I have trouble getting my boxes to meet up perfectly. Good work. Now I think I’ll go have lunch.

  8. Delirious AL says:

    Ha! Thanks for the shout out! XD
    Also, great character! [insert witty sandwich-related pun here].