Kaldath's Caption Contest #30 – Result

Last week I asked you all to give me your best replacement dialogue for the following image:


Skybandit: CB - So these springs on my gloves hold up the dress?

Shadow - Actually, it’s the Comics Code Authority that does that!


ALast: CB - And you REALLY think 4 colors in my hair look good?”



EnderX: CB - “I’m confused. Am I supposed to be Miss Britain, or Miss France?”

Shadow - “Neither. The title is ‘Pan-Europa’ now.”


Calvary_Red: CD -  “What’s wrong guys? Wait, there’s a bad guy sneaking up on me, isn’t there?”

Shadow - “Curses, I’ve been discovered!”


Calvary_Red: CB - “And we will call this land, ‘New Britain.’”

Shadow - “I’d rather call it, YOUR GRAVE!”

And the winner is ................



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