Kaldath's Corner: DC Movies Leaked

Well I was browsing my subscriptions on Youtube and came across this little gem that I decided to share with you all:

A list of DC's Movies through 2018 have apparently been leaked and here is the list as mentioned in the above video.

Batman v Superman



Justice League

Wonder Woman

and  Man Of Steel II.


So take a look at the video and let me know what you think of this list of movies from DC and also the casting information given in the video, in the comments below.

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4 Responses to Kaldath's Corner: DC Movies Leaked

  1. JR19759 says:

    Ok, without even watching the video I can tell you that that list has problems. The Sandman movie has been going between screenwriters since the early 00’s and will not happen, so that’s a bust.

    *Watches video*

    So, they’re going to include Cyborg and Aquaman in the Justice League are they? How? Unless they are going to basically copy page for page the Justic League New 52 relaunch 1st and 2nd issue I can’t see how they’re going to bring Cyborg in, he’s not well known enough really and despite actually liking the guy, I’m still not sure about Aquaman for the Justice League either. Don’t recognise the guy they say will be plying him (not too up on my American TV so don’t shoot me), so I have no opinions on that as of yet.
    Not sure why they’re doing Shazam/ Captain Marvel. He just seems tooooooo fantastical to work on the big screen. Plus his five minutes of fame happened over 50/ 60 years ago when he was still being published by Faucet Comics. Plus wouldn’t they be better served by spending their money doing a movie to set up another character for the Justice League, like maybe Green Lantern or Flash, someone who is a bigger name character?
    I’ve already said my piece about Sandman, but I will add this- NO, Joseph Gordon Levitt is not a person I can see as Morpheus. As much as I love the Gaiman series (and probably because I love the series) I don’t want to see this happen. Leave the classics be guys.
    I’m interested in the Wonder Woman movie, and what makes it more interesting is that it’s coming after Justice League. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll do here (if of course this list turns out to be genuine).
    Hang on, did he just say Green Lantern/ Flash team up movie? So instead of giving each character their own movie like Marvel, DC are doing split movies? Cooooould work (said with lots of trepidation), lets just see how Batman/ Superman works out first. Not sure about that one. Need to see who plays either character first.

    Overall thoughts: Timeframe is still too short. 3 movies a year? I know Warner Bros. own DC and they are minted and have plenty of marketing power behind them, but putting out 3 blockbuster superhero movies a year, plus what ever else they plan to do, is a stretch to say the least. Two of the movies mentioned, for me, are no goes- Shazam and The Sandman. They either do not need to happen or should not happen. The most interesting things mentioned here are the fact Cyborg and Aquaman are in the Justice League and that the Wonder Woman movie is scheduled for after “The Main Event”. As I said, it’ll be interesting to see how they work those two things. So a mixed bag for me.

  2. Bluemetrox says:

    Wait, by Sandman so they mean Wesley Dodds or Morpheus?

  3. Worf says:

    @Bluemetrox: Sandman as in Neil Gaiman’s Morpheus. Particularly the first part of the series when he escapes and goes after his items of power and seeks revenge on those that imprisioned him. I kinda agree with JR above and will say this maybe shouldn’t be done… HOWEVER, if someone did a TV series of this with amazing production I think it would work better.

  4. skybandit says:

    It’s Hollywood, so expect them to cock it all up.