Kaldath's Corner: Kawaii Metal"

Greeting everyone, I have decided to try something a little new here on the HeroMachine blog and have started what I am calling "Kaldath's Corner".  In these posts I am just going to be discussing things that I "Kaldath" like, be it music, books, movies, TV shows, what have you! The catch with this is it will not be a schedules weekly feature and instead will be posted when something catches mt attention enough that I want to talk about it. Hopefully with this loose format and posting schedule I will not get burned out on it and you the reader won't get too bored with the contest! So let's get started!

To kick off this first ever Kaldath's Corner I present to you all ............. BABYMETAL!!

BabyMetal - Gimme Chocolate (YouTube)

Babymetal is a Japanese Vocal and Dance group which performs a fusion of J-Pop and Metal which they have dubbed "Kawii Metal" or "Cute Metal!"I first learned of this group less then a week ago when watching an episode of "Youtubers React" on the Finebro's youtube channel and I must say that at first I found this music and the corresponding videos very surreal but it did get my attention. I wanted to hear more of this music and so I search out the groups videos on youtube and I was HOOKED!

Being a child of the 80's I grew up listening to Hard Rock, Heavy metal, Glam, and as it was often called Hair Metal and to be honest that type of music is go to choice when I am in a music listening mood, though being a fan of Anime and by extension the music found therein I do have a bit of a taste for J-pop as well. Babymetal just seems to satisfy both musical tastes for me without really clashing in my mind! I Guess it helps that I was never a big fan of the truly hard death metal stuff like Slayer, or Megadeath and instead am more attracted to bands like Poison, Def Leppard, Warrant etc, though I do have some exception being a great fan of Metallica and Manowar but since my tastes to fall more towards the Glam/Hair Metal side of heavy metal I think Babymetal is just PERFECT for me!

Give it a listen and see what YOU think! Leave a comment below telling me your thoughts on this group, why you love it, hate it, or are just meh about it!

BabyMetal - Ijime, Dame, Zettai (YouTube)

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