Kaldath's Character Challenge #9

This weeks on Kaldath's Character Challenge I am going to do things a little different. This week I am going to give you two character too choose from and asked you to pick one or the other to redesign based only on character name as well as my rendition of the character should you choose to keep the character in the spirit of my design. To be clear you are free to change the characters however you like keeping only the characters name and my version is only there as an optional starting point! Sooo let's get started.


Choose of one these two character to redesign:

Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl HM3



The Executioner

Executioner HM3


The Rules:

Kaldath’s Character Challenge is a Single Entry Contest and as such you are allowed to make only ONE (1) entry into the contest. In addition to that  you must keep your creations  within the rules of the forum and blog so keep that in mind when working on your creations. You  have until Tuesday February 11th at 12 noon Eastern Time to submit your entry and I will I be announcing the winner on the following day. Good Luck everyone and having Machining!


About Kaldath

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5 Responses to Kaldath's Character Challenge #9

  1. The Shady Paladin says:

    Couldn’t resist re-designing The Executioner.

    Sort of kept to the spirit of the original design but decided to go a more demon-like route.


  2. Cliff says:

    This is the first of these Challenges I’ve done.

    I chose Dragon Girl.I liked her seductive quality (Of course I did) and went with that.
    I made her a bronze dragon as you can tell by her coloring.
    My personal favorite part about her is her tail draped over her shoulder, and next would be the heat coming from her mouth.
    Being a satyr lover I love digigrade legs so I went with the more obvious than subtle legs. I made her bustier, scale “skirt” and arm bands gold thinking she always keeps some of her horde close to her. 🙂
    I hope ya like her.

  3. Tango says:

    I went with the Executioner. I decided to make him more of a brawler, tone down some of the supernatural elements. His eyes hint at some weird nature, but otherwise he just looks like one mean SOB.


  4. agatharights says:

    I decided to try my hand at the dragon girl. I made her good bit scarier, less human, and more powerful-looking, to get her looking like a full-blown hungry red dragoness.