Winners for Kaldath's Caption Contest #20

Kaldath's had some pressing real-life stuff come up at the last minute and so I'm pinch-hitting for him as a guest judge on his last caption contest. The entries were a real hoot, thanks to everyone who chimed in!

He asked you to come up with the best replacement dialogue for this panel, and to make it even tougher all entries had to be in rhyme (to honor the demon Etrigan, who only speaks thus).


The entries were fantastic, as I said, but my favorite three were:

  • D: Ah. Now we’re alone, in a meadow redolent of heather. I do love it when you use Imperial Leather.
  • DiCicatriz: Only for this Batty man, doth rise the demon Etrigan.
  • Calvary_Red: I must confess, in Hell down under,
    I like to dress as your Boy Wonder.

And from that list, I declare the winner to be ... Calvary Red! Congratulations and many thanks to all who entered!