META: Blog tweaks

I installed WordPress' "JetPack" plugin today, which among other things will give you some additional "share" options and a way for you to "like" a variety of content around the site. I'm not sure how that's going to play with the forums, so please let me know if you see any weirdness there. Or anywhere, really, because I'm all about the funkiness.

I'm also trying out their auto-publicize feature, which will put all posts on Facebook and Twitter. I'm hoping they come through with images intact, which HootSuite (the previous solution) did not do. We'll see.

Thanks for your support over the years, folks! If you're so inclined, I sure would appreciate your sharing the blog or the app(s) on your favored social media platform.

As your bonus for reading this far, here's a character sketch I did for our old Champions campaign back in 1997. Lucky you!


8 Responses to META: Blog tweaks

  1. Lordgrimm01 says:

    Hey Jeff everyone needs to log/register into WordPress to activate jetpack

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    You lost me, what do you mean?

  3. Frankie says:

    Hey Jeff. The last post is Whiz Poll Bang #4. I see no way of going to the previous page. Was everything reset so that the current page is the only page until more posts are created? You can still use the categories on the right to jump around.

  4. ams says:

    So now on the forums, we see a lot of “Like this:….loading”, but nothing ever loads. What is suppose to happen? And When I like something where does it show? On facebook? Need some more info here…..

  5. Lordgrimm01 says:

    I mean I didn’t have a WordPress account (so I had to create one)

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    Basically the “next page” sort of functionality is broken. In trying to fix it I broke everything else. Very frustrating. I will try again tomorrow, it ought to be working but it isn’t.

    I took the like function off the forums, those things have a hard time working with almost anything else. The like feature is not for Facebook, it’s just for here on the blog to show that you like a post. It doesn’t go anywhere else.

    I didn’t think you had to have a account to do stuff as a user, but you do (as always) have to be logged in to this blog on this site with your usual HeroMachine WordPress id. That hasn’t changed. If you’re being told you have to log into let me know.

  7. Folkly says:

    I can still use the forum and I haven’t got a WordPress account.

    Does this mean that everything I post on the forum is now copied to Facebook? Seems a bit extreme.

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    Does this mean that everything I post on the forum is now copied to Facebook? Seems a bit extreme.

    Heavens, no. How did you get that out of what I wrote? That would suck.

    The only thing that gets published to Facebook are blog posts by me or one of the other official moderators/authors. The forums are completely unaffected, blog comments are completely unaffected.

    As I said, the like button (which isn’t even on the forums any more) is just an internal thing. It doesn’t go anywhere but here.

    Nothing you say gets pushed to Facebook at all unless you do so on purpose by clicking the “share” button someplace, just like you can do for any piece of content on the web.