Kaldath's Caption Contest #18 – WInner

Last Week I asked you to give me your best replacement dialog for this picture:



And here is my top five:


”Holly crap, did I really get that drunk last night.”

One should never drink so much on New Years, you might wake up wondering what you did with the Goblin at the party.



“Oh PLEASE let this new guy be less weird than my LAST blind date.”

He was.


Herr D

“I’ll be stuck here, FOREVER!” She knew no one would ever break her out of the tower, to be her Sir Shrek, and fix her hideous enchantment . . .



“Oh, God, here we go again. Didn’t he take the hint from my last text?!”
- Desperate for a date, the Green Goblin swoops down with yet another chocolate-filled pumpkin for a disinterested Gwen.



“Green scaly purple man… green scaly purple man…”
– Despite her best hand gestures, Ms. Stacy could not achieve a Vulcan mind meld!

And the Winner is ......................



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