Suit Up!

Hi all! Marx here, once and future contributing artist, with my first Blog post.

I noticed awhile back that if the hero your are designing is a suit-wearing type of hero, you really only have one choice of suit in HM3. When Jeff offered me the chance to come back and draw for HM3 after a long hiatus, I thought I'd start by expanding the options for the well-dressed hero. Because sometimes you want a picture of Superman, but sometimes you want a picture of Clark Kent.

I started with the existing single-breasted suit jacket and added three more jacket styles that all use the same sleeves as the original. I also added an open jacket and pushed-back open jacket for when you want to reveal a bit more of what's underneath. You can find them all in the Tops > MaleCoats set. (also duplicated for the FemaleCoats set.)

preview pane showing new suit jacket options

The elbow joint seen above in the lower right corner will hopefully make bent arm poses a bit more graceful. In addition, I added two new ties in the Neckwear > Standard set, and a folded pocket handkerchief to the Insignia > Standard set.

Then, just to show off all these new fashion choices, I put together a picture of four not-at-all-copyright-infringing, suit-wearing characters that I like to call "The Billionaire Boys Club."

Four non-copyright infringing characters wearing four different styles of suits.

Hope you all find them useful.