Anime Talk: Manga vs Anime

It has been a couple weeks since I last wrote an Anime Talk post, and I wanted to thank you all for your patience. So now that I have managed to pull myself together and set down to write I have decided to take a look how Manga heavily inspires Anime. Here in the west we do see many tv shows and cartoons that have been inspired by comics, but Anime seems to be  much MUCH more influenced by the Japanese version of comics, "Manga".

Myself I am not a huge fan of Manga as I have mentioned before on the blog but I have to admit that a great deal of my favorite Anime shows were originally Manga titles though often times the show has only a passing resemblance to the source material. So all this being said, our topic of discussion is simply, do you prefer reading Manga, or watching Anime ? A simple question, but one I do not think will be easily answered by most but I could be wrong. Myself as I said I don't care for manga and much prefer Anime which is odd as I tend to prefer reading any a book then watching the movie based on that book ( or book based on the movie ) as the written format usually is more detailed and thus more enjoyable for me, just not in this case.

So what are your thoughts on the subject ? Let us know in the comments below and hopefully we can get a good discussion going.

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