Anime Talk: Suggestions

Due to time constraints this week I haven't watched any anime to review ( I won't review a series I watched in the past without at least watching an episode of two again to refresh the memory). So with no review this week I find myself frankly coming up blank on a non-review topic thus I turn to you the Heromachine community Anime fans for suggestions on future Anime Talk topics.  Leave a suggestion below in the comments and lets see how many good topics you guys can come up with!

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5 Responses to Anime Talk: Suggestions

  1. DC-Lover says:

    Well you could do a topic on the following.

    Supernatural animes
    Basically discuss the difference(if any) between that of animes with ghosts, zombies,or any form of spiritual being or abilities.

    Anime that got you into the genre.
    What was the first anime you watched that got you into the genre when you were older. Lets face it from age 5-13 we were all watching YU-GI-OH, Pokemon, Digimon, Tenchi Muyo, Dragon Ball Z etc. ect. But what got you interested at a later stage in life?

    Detroit Metal City.
    This is perhaps one of my fave animes. The message it conveys is clear and the characters are likeable as is the humor. The movie even decides to convey the message along with singer Gene Simmons playing a role.

    Best example of a strong woman character type in anime.
    Just pick who you think shows a strong character in a female character and prepare to debate with others about it.

    Theres some ideas.

  2. Arioch says:

    You could do posts about shows such as
    – Monster
    – Both Full Metal Alchemist series
    – Princesse Mononoke (<3)

    Differences between anime and cartoons

    Different styles of anime.

    Pissing contest in anime (DBZ, Naruto… But, strangely, mostly not one piece, despite its huge number of fights)

  3. Haxxx says:

    you could talk about unique anime geners such as the distiction of target audience (shonen, shoji, kodomo, slightly older boys and girls, homosexual generes) and geners that got expended upon in anime (mech, magical girl, slice of life).

  4. I’m not really big into anime. However, I watch Bleach because I’m an insomniac. And by extension, I watch One Piece. I find the character Nico Robin intriguing. Most of my exposure to anime was in the ’80s. Not up on the new stuff.

    That being said… for the love of ceiling cat… NO DRAGONBALL Z! Ugh! I would rather jam an ice pick in my right eye. Slow, boring, goes nowhere… It’s like “we’re coming up on this big fight, so we’re going to spend the next 50 episodes training!” Then like 2 minutes of planet-destroying with really weak banter. Dragonball Z is what turned me off of anime.

  5. dblade says:

    Maybe do a beginner’s guide to anime. Maybe split it into young viewer and older viewer.

    As Atomic Punk pointed out, anime like Dragonball Z is a big turn off to people who like strong narrative shows (and I wholeheartedly agree with his assessment). What would be a good intro to anime for the mature viewer?