Anime Talk: Kaze no Stigma!

"Eyes as blue as the azure sky. That is the symbol of the 'Contractor'. Entrusted by the Spirit King of the Wind with the powers of his domain. I bear this mark: the Stigma of the Wind."

This week's Anime Talk I will be doing a mini review of the Anime series Kaze no Stigma, or Stigma of the Wind, which follows the exploits of Kazuma Yagami ( formerly Kazuma Kannagi) and his cousin Ayano Kannagi.

A little back story on the series; Ayano is the Heir of the Kannagi clan, which are all powerful fire magic users, and Kazuma is the black sheep of the family completely unable to use fire magic at all and was disowned by the clan when he lost a battle against Ayano for the place of Heir exiled from the family and unofficially exiled from Japan.  Now four years have passed since that fateful battle and Kazuma has returned to Japan now a master of wind magic and selling his mystical service to the highest bidder.

Around the same time of Kazuma's return the Kannagi clan is plagued by a round of murders caused by an unknown Wind Master which of course brings him into conflict with his former clan and his cousin Ayano which of course assume he is the culprit out for revenge for his exile. Even after it is proven that Kazuma was not involved in the murders he and Ayano continue to have an adversarial love/hate relationship throughout the entire series.

I really love this series, and the elemental magic system displayed within it. I especially found this series giving me a new respect for the power of Wind control as Kazuma pulls off some fairly spectacular effects with his powers! I found this action packed anime to be very good and I listed it among my top 5 Anime series. The Artwork is very well drawn, the story of series kept me entertained and involved and the character interactions especially between the wise arse snarky Kazuma, and the fiery tempered and rash Ayano really enhanced my enjoyment of the show.

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