Poll Position: Electro vs Static

Electro vs Static

Well folks I have returned to my posting duties on the blog. I decided to start off a bit slowly so this weeks poll position will be a classic vs poll. What I want to know is who do you think would win in a fight between Electro and Static ( Static Shock ) ?

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4 Responses to Poll Position: Electro vs Static

  1. Katmir says:

    Superhero… Static Shock

  2. Ace Lions says:

    Static would win he is a great hero Electro is a Villian. It might take a while with them keep rechargeing each other though

  3. Timedrop23 says:

    Are we talking 1996 Spider-Man cartoon super-soldier Electro, comic book Electro, or Ultimate Electro?
    Each has different powers and a different scale of power.
    Static could definitely take Ultimate Electro by himself with some kind of trap (like an appliance). Basic comic book Electro would just need a good punch in the face. But the Electro Red Skull created in the ’96 TV show would require some help (as I recall, it took Spider-Man, Captain America, four other heroes, and two episodes to bring him down).