Open Critique Day #10

Good morning! It’s Sunday, and that means Open Critique Day.

Share your artwork in the comments section below. I, and anyone else who cares to, will offer our opinions on everything that gets posted during the day.

Please note that the forum rules apply here. That means no nudity, no profanity, no copyrighted characters or characters from copyrighted settings.

Sorry I'm late, but I've been in a car for the last fourteen hours, with no connection to the internet whatsoever. Today's OCD will be open for 24 hours, as usual.

6 Responses to Open Critique Day #10

  1. Jadebrain says:

    I still haven’t finished my picture of Brigrada… I’m still having trouble figuring out what sort of details I should put on her armor to make her stand out. Far too little progress has been made to justify rescanning, and I may end up starting over with the clothing outline anyway. For those of you who don’t remember or weren’t around for the initial discussion, I want to have her wear armor which is both functional and magnificent, and which is themed after Norse armor, with additional details themed after the slaying of great beasts.

  2. TOOL says:

    Look up pictures of female asguardians for reference

  3. Weilyn says:

    @ Jadebrain

    This should be taken as a complement to the comments I made 3 weeks ago.

    One way to make her equipment look both regal and functional could be to make it fancy but grimy, scratched and worn, showing that it is and has been used to great effect in spite of its fanciness. Silver or golden inlays are always nice. There are some cool patterns towards the end of Insignia – Nature.
    If you need inspiration for the axe, look up ‘danaxes’ or ‘bearded axes’. You seem to be going for something like that.

    When you’re going for Norse themes there is a pretty important distinction between actual historical Norse themes, or popular fictional themes based on 19th century romanticism. If you are more interested in the former, then I would actually suggest you don’t look up pictures of female aesir (asynjur). Just something to keep in mind.

    Norse royalty was pretty big on jewellry. I don’t think it would be too hard to make norse style bracelets, neck-chains or fibulae using items from Insignia, Neckwear or GloveRight.

    For the slaying of great beasts, I’m thinking trophies again. Maybe she could have the head of a huge animal draped over her helmet like a Nemean Lion. Scratch marks on her equipment could work, and so could animal themed inlays or embroideries in the armour and clothing.

  4. Jadebrain says:

    @ TOOL: I tried looking up female asgardians, but mostly what I got was inapplicable – either it was a suit of energy-looking armor from AQWorlds, or stuff from Marvel comics (and, surprisingly, more to do with Iron Man than Thor).

    @ Weilyn: Making the armor worn/scratched is another thing I hadn’t thought of. Thanks! Also, I should mention that I’m mostly focusing on authentic Norse themes, but only because the romanticized 19th century stuff is suicidally impractical (for example, horns/wings on the helmet are not only useless, they also provide an easy way to snap your neck – though I’m sure you knew that). If I had a way to draw 19th-century romantic majesty without sacrificing practicality, I’m sure I wouldn’t need much help otherwise in brainstorming the content of this drawing, if any.

  5. gendonesia says:

    I’m a bit confused ’bout this topic, but after browse old OCD’s I finally got it XD

    your sketch was good, but since I only see your first uploaded sketch, I’ll suggest you to redo the stance (I don’t whether you have done it or not)

    then for armor, since u need practical norse themed armor, I won’t suggest you to add trophies in her. but you can add accesories such as wristband and/or ankleband – either furry or metal or combination of both.

    To make ’em standout, Weilyn’s suggestion is good. you can give it worn effect or bruises. and blood stain since she’s fight in close distance.

    to distinc her from her lowbies, you can give her mask colored, either combination of blue-white (kinda like Mel Gibson’s Braveheart facepaint) or red or up to you.

  6. Weilyn says:

    @ Jadebrain
    Full length gown, metal bra and handles strapped to your skull.
    The perfect attire for slaying giants. *facepalm*
    Looking forward to seeing the finished design!

    @ gendonesia
    Facepaint is always cool.