Open Critique Day #7 / Art vs. Writing

Hi, there!
I'm Weilyn, and I'll be posting here on Sundays for the Open Critique Days.

Some people might say that the major appeal of OCD was Jeff's professional input, and that without his critique it's simply not the same thing. I can't argue with that, mainly because those people are absolutely correct.

Still, OCD is a pretty integral part of the blog, so I will keep it running, and to make it a little more interesting I will not only offer my opinion of any artwork posted in the comments, but also a little something extra.

This little extra thing will vary from week to week. It might be a short review of an underappreciated comic, a reflection on pop-culture, a poll, a joke or a silly anecdote. Just throwing this concept at the wall, to see if it sticks 😉

Please post your artwork in the comments section below. Avoid copyrighted characters and characters from copyrighted settings.


And now, a little something extra: Art vs. Writing

What is more important to a comic, the script or the artwork? Can a good comic have its terrible artwork redeemed by great writing, and vice versa? One might argue that seeing as how graphic novels are a visual medium, the visual elements are what define the entire thing, and that those are therefore more important. But one could just as easily make the argument that a story is worthless without a solid script, no matter how pretty the pictures are.

Personally, if I had to choose (and I do, because I asked the question in the first place) I'd go with artwork on this one. I've never been able to get through Maus, for instance. I know the story is amazing, but since I can't find anything engaging about the artwork, I find myself wishing I was just reading a novel instead.

What do you think?