Kaldath’s Caption Contest #2: Winners

Last week I asked you to come up with the best replacment dialog for the following image:




We had a great turn out for this one with some real funny entries, below you will find my Top Five in no particular order.


Robin: I don’t know Batman, don’t you think that’s sending out the wrong message?
Batman: Don’t worry chum. It’s the only costume I could find that was more ridiculous than the one George Clooney wore.
Robin- “Talk about Flavor of the Week.”
Batman- “You know Catwoman loves to play dress up.”
Robin: Uhhh Batman, I think you are taking this Skittles sponsorship a little to far….
Batman: Says the boy dressed as a giant reese’s peanut butter cup!
Bryce Wasley
Robin: What’s with all the new colors, Batman?
Batman: Joker put my costumes in the washer with a colored sock. Now he must pay.
Robin: But aren’t you afraid of what people will think?
Batman: Are you dense or something? I’m the goddamn Batman.
I have a hard time picking the one I liked best, but since there can only be a single overall winner pick I must. So the Winner of the Second Kaldath Caption Contest is:
funny-comics-28 Winner

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