Anime Talk: Subtitled or Dubbed?

Sub or DubThis week on Anime Talk I want to discuss Subtitles and Dubbing.  What I would like to know from the Anime fans in our community which do you prefer ? When I first got into Anime myself I went out of my way to avoid Dubbed Anime  because at least 85% of all Shows I saw that were dubbed had HORRIBLE voice actors. I preferred Subtitled because though I did not ( and still don't ) speak Japanese I could hear the emotion in the voices of the actors which in my option made the shows more enjoyable.  The Voice actors of the English Dubs usually have bad character voices and can't get the emotion right most of the time.

Now however as I am getting older I find I am seeking out Dubs more then Subtitled works. It seems the the English voice actors are getting better maybe because Anime is becoming more mainstream. I do still find the voice overs could be better but now a days I find less enjoyment in Anime if I have to focus a portion of my attention on reading words that are flashing by at a rapid pace at the bottom of my screen. Plus if you are watching anime on the go on your smart phone or tablet it becomes harder to read the subtitles on the smaller screens. So unless the dubbed are truly bad, or I just can't find a copy dubbed and is only available in Subtitled format I will choose not reading while watching Anime, how about you ?

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