Monday Night Movie Club #2 “Blade Movies” Reviews

So here we go, post your 200 words or less movie reviews for any of the Blade movies. For next week's movie review the topic is "Star Trek", so have fun and I'm looking forward to reading the reviews.

12 Responses to Monday Night Movie Club #2 “Blade Movies” Reviews

  1. TOOL says:

    Okay in the Title you made mention of the Blade movies but in the post you said something about Xmen and Star Trek but thats next week so I am guessing were talking about Blade. As far as the movies go I liked 2 the most for some reason but you dont see it on TV as much as 1 or 3. Maybe because it was a bit more graphic. As far as a character I really liked Blade but he wasnt one of my top favorites. I guess because I never really knew too much or seen much of him. He was always a guest star if you will in comics or cartoons that I saw more so than stories on his own. I am sure he had to of had some though.

  2. Arioch says:

    Blade I was ok, as far as I can remember.

    I didn’t like Blade II, but only because it came after Blade I.
    In Blade I, there’s all this talk like “vampires are monsters. If someone becomes a vampire, he becomes a monster that’ll kill you without a second thought, even if he’s your best friend”.
    And then, there’s Blade II: “Well, vampires are ok, they need blood to survive, but otherwise, some can be pretty decent. Now, super-vampires, that’s another thing. Once someone becomes one, he becomes an utter monster that’ll kill you at once, even if he was your best friend”. Blah blah blah.

    Blade III… Meh.

  3. darkvatican says:

    Blade (the original movie) was okay. The ending was pretty anti-climactic. Blade 2 was a good deal better, all around. The disappointing thing about Blade 2 was they killed Donny Yen’s character quite early on and didn’t even show how it happened. THAT was a shame, since he’s the best martial artist of the whole cast by a loooooong shot. Blade 3 was “meh” in almost every way, with the only notable exception being the Hannibal King character. He was moderately humorous, fairly kick-butt, and a breath of fresh air for the dark, brooding Blade universe.

  4. TOOL says:

    I have to agree with the Blade ones ending being well…stupid. La magra or whatever it was, I hated they made him blow up worse then a gut after 10 mc donalds burgers.

  5. Hammerknight says:

    Fixed the post. Changed it to Blade.

  6. Not a fan of the comic or the movies.

  7. Herr D says:

    Blade movies I found to be worthy of 1 watch each. But if you miss ANY dialogue you miss a lot of the flavor.

    I’ve thought of sound editing as a lost art. Why do modern movies not ‘scrunch’ sound range anymore? As a convention, it was well worth the drop in realism to keep your eardrums and still hear the dialogue!

  8. barbario says:

    Blade was the first successful Marvel movie. Blade II is is one of my favorite movies. Del Toro is a fantastic director and a visionary. They did shaft Donnie Yen though. Blade 3 was terrible. The third movie is usually the cruddiest. The second usually the best. I said USUALLY. (Empire, Superman 2, Spider-man 2, Two Towers, X2)

  9. Hammerknight says:

    I liked the third movie. Ryan Reynolds gets a bad rape, I like him but most people don’t. I really didn’t know who his character and the other characters were, until later on. I think they could do real good with Blade movies, he is a good character. I watched about five minutes of the forth movie, someone else was playing Blade, but it just could not make it pass my 15 minute rule, if a movie does not strike me within the first 15 minutes I turn it off. I also have a movie rule for if I fall asleep during it, it gets a real low rating. The He-Man put me out cold.

  10. HammerknightRyan Reynolds gets a bad rape

    Oh, if only! Not the movie, but the short-lived Blade TV series on Spike. But that was just because of Jessica Gower.

  11. Myro says:

    I also have a movie rule for if I fall asleep during it, it gets a real low rating. The He-Man put me out cold.

    Yeah, unfortunately, I couldn’t follow the same rule. I have fallen asleep during some very good movies, and when possible, I will try to rewatch the parts I missed. Unfortunately, the chronic insomnia not only prevents me from sleeping when I should, it often has me doze off when I don’t want to.

    So, Blade… First one was decent. The second and third were okay. I can’t say that I was super-enthused about them at any point, but I can say that Marvel has made far worse movies (either of the Ghost Rider films, Elektra, or X-Men 3). First I’ve heard that there was a Blade 4, but judging by what’s been said, I’m going to take a pass on it.

  12. TOOL says:

    I didnt know they tried to make a blade series or a 4th. Some movies were good the first time around but dont really need to go on to sequels or series. You know who you are…Fast and the furious, Saw, The Crow, Resident evil, come on people help me out here!