Monday Night Movie Club #2 “X-Men Movies” Reviews

So here we go, post your 200 words or less movie reviews for any of the X-Men movies. For next week's movie review the topic is "Blade", so have fun and I'm looking forward to reading the reviews.

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  1. TOOL says:


  2. darkvatican says:

    The first movie, while not as obviously high-budget as the sequels, was still a fun romp in the X-Men universe. Like all comic/novel-drawn movies, they changed a few things in the history and whatnot, but it was still fun. X-2 was a bit more like people wanted to see, with Wolverine really showing off his butt-kicking skills and some obviously higher-end special effects. X-Men 3 (or whatever they officially called it) certainly involved a lot more special effects than even the second film, but the storyline fell pretty flat. Taken bit by bit, the movie is passable, but as a whole it never managed to excite the nerd in me. Origins Wolverine was better than X-3, with a lot more humor mixed in. Hugh Jackman and the director seemed like they wanted to make that movie better than the last X film had been, and it shows. The First Class was a great movie, all around. From storyline to acting, I thought First Class was quite enjoyable.

  3. Arioch says:

    I LOVED the first x-men movie. Chiefly because it funnily turned so many movie cliche around. There are a lot of times where things should happen in a given way, but just don’t, and this was very refreshing in this age of cliched action and tired dialogues.

  4. JR19759 says:

    Original Trilogy- Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan= Good Casting.
    Main X-Men team= Undecided on whether good or not. Films overall= Started ok then got worse.

    Origins Wolverine- Sabretooth= Much better than X-Men 1. Gambit= Ok, not as good as in comics. Deadpool= Awful. Overall= Average

    First Class- Best of the lot. No big name characters (apart from X, Magneto & Beast) made it better.

    X-Men films haven’t been as good as the Avengers set up films, but better than some Marvel films (I’m looking at you F4, Hulk and original Spider-Man movies)

  5. I still want to punch Ryan Reynolds. Haven’t seen X-Men: First Class. It’s on my list. Liked the first X-Men, but yeah, it went downhill. The third was just so disappointing.

    Wonder why they haven’t done anymore X-Men: Origins? Are the Marvel studios all fat and happy with their billions? There’s a movie-going public to fleece. Get to it!

  6. X-stacy says:

    The Atomic Punk:
    Wonder why they haven’t done anymore X-Men: Origins? Are the Marvel studios all fat and happy with their billions? There’s a movie-going public to fleece. Get to it!

    There’s X-Men Origins: Cyclops Cat, does that count?

  7. X-stacy: There’s X-Men Origins: Cyclops Cat, does that count?

    Of course it counts, it stars a cat. 😉

  8. barbario says:

    the reason there are no more xmen:origins movies is wolverine the only character in the xmen that can carry an entire movie. sorry its just a basic fact.

    xmen: the movie helped open the door to super-hero movies being considered cool again. people still had the bad taste of batman and robin. blade was the first successful marvel movie but thats next week. it took away the silly elements of the xmen and went for a sci-fi approach. the realism of the film is what gave them the idea for the ultimate line of comics.

    x2 upped the ante. took what worked in x1 and took it to another level. wolverine unleashed, cool revelations into weapon x, magneto chewing the scenery, the hint at phoenix at the end. one of the best super-hero movies in my opinion.

    x3 was a complete turd like its director. too many mutants. cheesy script, half the cast killed for no reason (cyclops off camera!). granted beast was cool, ellen page’s kitty, iceman finally icing pyro, wolverine. the delted scenes are better.

    wolverine origins: i used to work at the alamo drafthouse and i would host and introduce the midnight screenings of super-hero movies in costumes. watchmen, and a few others. so i was wolvie and did my thing. as the film progressed my heart sank. the opening bit with the wars is pretty solid then it just goes down and down and down. the plotholes, the terrible cast, the continuity errors (so hes walking around with two holes in his adamantium skull straight to his brain?. the cg claws looked so fake and stupid. the bit when hes in the bathroom made me cringe. granted jackman shined as logan and i did like sabretooth.

    xmen:first class. the magneto bits are inspired. this should have been the whole movie. the teens were awful. they didnt even try to sound like the were in the sixties. the “what are your powers” segment was so lame. havoks hula dance. the villains were not great either and tons of continuity errors. but overall an improvment over the last two xmen.

    i have high hopes that the wolverine will be good. im a fan of mangolds so… and singer knows xmen so this day of future past should work.