Let’s Talk RPG #3 “Location, Location, Location”

Location, Location, Location, where do you like to play? Do you have a favorite play to play when you are in a game? Be it land, sea, or air, everyone has one place that they like best. When I played Final Fantasy XI I had a few places that I enjoyed going out to when I was Playing alone, and other places when I was in a group. Let's hear from you, tell us where you like to play.

7 Responses to Let’s Talk RPG #3 “Location, Location, Location”

  1. Jadebrain says:

    Anywhere with good background music. You know, like the core of the moon in Final Fantasy IV. The song that plays is like the game itself congratulating you for making it as far as you have and cheering you on to your final victory.

  2. Kaldath says:

    I am currently Playing DC Universe Online as my MMORPG of choice and I prefer playing in Gothem over Metropolis. Gothem is Darker and grittier where as Metropolis is to bright and clean even while under attack by various Supervillain and Brainiac.

  3. Max Grant says:

    I LOVE the Persona games’ music especially:


  4. Herr D says:

    If the story’s right, then the setting doesn’t matter so much. I haven’t had a GM interest me with an underwater story or a COMPLETELY aerial story. My favorite story to play in was waking up as part of a group of humans with functional memory only in an extinct alien city.

  5. Kaldath says:

    My Favorite Story I played in an AD&D game was a Convention game. It was called Guild Master Special. All the characters were provided by the DM and every one of them was a Thief. All the character were on a mission for the guild however each character also had its own personal quest that it was trying to accomplish. It was a very fun game because of the secrets all the players were keeping from each other. Was a big Note passing game between DM and Player.

  6. You mean “place to play?” Well, in the real world, anywhere there is a miniature battle! Epic ones like Warhammer 40k, D&D Mass Combat Rules or Battletech. I love seeing the elaborate sets. I love to paint miniatures (good old lead). Haven’t done it forever. Never got into Warhammer 40k because I couldn’t afford their over-priced plastic.

    When I was gaming, we would play at the comic book store. They had an upstairs loft area that overlooked the shop. Very appropriate setting.

  7. Renxin says:

    I agree with Herr D, the story’s the thing. A good story can save a run of the mill location, but not even the most spectacular setting can make up for a cruddy plot. For locations though I do prefer for there to be plenty of options in-game so I’m not stuck on the airship, or the island, or wherever.