Comic Book Superstars #4 “Spider-man”

Spider-man is to Marvel as Batman and Superman is to DC, he is not as old as they are but he has still made an impact. From comics to cartoon, from TV to the movies we have watched him shoot his webs all over the place. I remember watching the old TV show when I was a kid, man I would of loved to have a set of web slingers. I had one of the 12 inch figures that had a string coming from his hand and you would hook it to something and he would climb the string. He wasn't much of an action figure because he didn't have moving parts, but never the less he was fun to play with.  I didn't read the comics, but I sure did watch the cartoons. Firestar was really hot back then, and Iceman was real cool. Let's hear what you have to say.

13 Responses to Comic Book Superstars #4 “Spider-man”

  1. TOOL says:

    I know Spiderman is one of Marvels greatest creations by most standards but the guy has never really done it for me you know. I liked the Scarlet Spider, and Symbiote Spiderman. I can see how he’s popular but I guess I have liked the darker characters more.

  2. WillyPete says:

    Never been a BIG fan of Spidey, but they really killed it for me with “One More Day”, where Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief) decreed that Aunt May must be returned to life, and his marriage to Mary Jane had to be eliminated… Now, with the introduction of “The Superior Spider Man” (He’s got Claws, Wolverine’s got Claws, he HAS to be superior, right?), I’m paying even less attention than ever! {Le Sigh!}

  3. Since I haven’t touched a Spider-Man comic in decades, I can’t say for what’s going on now. I enjoyed the Spider-Man comics and cartoons of the 1970s and 1980s. Especially the epic “Kraven’s Last Hunt” story. If you have not… read it!

    Overall, I like Spidey. Yeah, the spin-off characters get a little goofy. However, he is iconic. I also like Stan Lee’s reasons for creating him. Basically, Spider-Man of the first “everyday” heroes. He had a life outside of crime-fighting that wasn’t just for appearances.

  4. Nick Hentschel says:

    I’ll always have a soft spot for Spidey. Everyone, including me, can see so much of ourselves in the character (he’s the REAL “Everyman” hero), and his “Amazing Friends” cartoon may be my all-time favorite Satruday-morning show. I’ve said for years that, despite fantasies to the contrary, there are more Clark Kents than Bruce Waynes in the world . . . and more Peter Parkers than both of them put together!

    Having said that, I concur that “One More Day,” and everything since, was an enormous cop-out (it happened just as things were building to a real climax, and undid several very daring developments), and a terrible creative decision.

  5. NateThePrate says:

    Ah yes, arguably the Chew Toy of the Marvel Universe.

    Sometimes, you just gotta feel for the guy, and he’s got a pretty sweet power set. As a primarily DC Dude, Spidey is one of the few Marvel titles I bother with, along with Deadpool and occasionally Daredevil and FF.

    That being said, I do find him a bit much every now and then. As though the writers are just seeing how much crap they can lump on Peter to get a sympathy vote.

    Still, he’s a pretty solid character and I do love how he he’s always joking while he fights, despite it all.

    I do think his attachment to Aunt May borders a little on Norman Bates side at times though.

  6. Arioch says:

    Funny, I’m looking at the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon right now and having fun.

    That being said, never was much of a spidey fan.
    There were good things with him, but the fact that his life was just an endless pile of crap was putting of and feeling unrealistic.

  7. Anarchangel says:

    I pretty much agree with everything that’s been said so far. Spider-Man is iconic. No one can deny that he’s done more for comics than almost anyone. He’s an interesting and fun character that I think people can relate to.

    That being said of course, yes, One More Day/Brand New Day was a major misstep and just made everything after that confusing. Plus this whole Superior Spider-Man thing that’s going on right now is ridiculous. I really hope it’s over soon.

    And I think Spider-Man tends to suffer from the same problem as Wolverine. Over exposure.

    The guy’s everywhere!

    Overall a great character with a few missteps in terms of story but still one of the best.

  8. Skybandit says:

    At the time Spider-Man was created, Superman, Batman and Robin ruled the comic book roost. Unfortunately for them (and the readers), they had pretty much devolved into caricatures of themselves, doing cutsie stories about imps and humiliating nosy women trying to discover their secret identities. Stan Lee fused the three together: Clark Kent got super-powers and became a rooftop avenger, with Bruce Wayne’s intellect and Dick Grayson’s youth. But Stan flipped the whole thing on it’s head by making his new hero penniless instead of rich, and making the editor of the paper he worked at a total anal cavity. Instead of a perfect paragon of virtue, this kid was an immature nerd with self esteem problems. The tragic death of his father figure was his own fault, and instead of taking out his loss on evildoers, he was trying to redeem his own failings. At a time when DC pandered to the kiddies, Marvel wrote for the young adults who were about to turn America upside down with their counterculture. Sadly, Spider-Man has now devolved into a caricature of himself, and we’re all waiting for the NEXT superhero to come along with a new idea. We may be waiting a long time.

  9. Exper1mentMax says:

    Spiderman and Batman have so many similarities. Its hard not to like parker… Traits:
    1. Some of marvels most dangerous villians: Carnage and Jackal.
    2. Obvious yet genius alias that everyone knows. Parker; Bruce wayne
    3. Doesnt rely on brute strength, but brains or items.

  10. darkvatican says:

    Spider-Man is a “cool idea” character. Stan Lee had a cool idea and he ran with it for several years. Then, after the character’s fan base was well-established, Marvel turned Spider-Man into their flagship money-mag. I personally think the character went downhill from then. He has had some cool stories and mini-series since then too, but he has also had more garbage happen to him than just about any other character. As a result of these repeated tragedies (and because characters in comics never really grow up), he’s always having pity parties for himself (and generally acting very immature).

    As far as his powers are concerned, Spider-Man has a cool and very useful power set that falls somewhere between the upper end of the “low level” power scale and the lower end of the “mid level” power scale. Unfortunately for the character, because Spider-Man has been injected into just about everything Marvel, writers regularly have him dealing with significantly stronger villains (and heroes). And predictably, since it’s Spider-Man, he always comes out on top. :-S

    The only other characters that I can think of to receive this kind of tasteless, across-the-board promotion are Wolverine and Batman. Two characters that were spawned from cool ideas, but, because they became cash cows, they have had a LOT of ridiculous stories promoting the characters WAY outside of their league. That’s my two cents, anyhow.

  11. barbario says:

    spider-man is the everyman hero. he cant pay his rent, his relatives are annoying, he has girl problems, his boss is a dick. who hasnt had every single one of those problems? i really like spidey. i prefer to read him when he is paired with other heroes though. he and wolverine are the greatest comedy duo in comics!

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  13. Hammerknight says:

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