Fight Night “Fighter Classes”

For right now there will be three fight groups: Real World, Comic Book, and Fantasy/RPG. Each group will have it's own set of fighter classes.

Real World: Boxing, Martial Art, Soldier, and Wrestling

Comic Book: Mega-Human, Winged Warrior, Exo-Suit,  Mutant, and Demi-God

Fantasy/RPG: Magic User, Archer/Ranger, Tank, Gladiator, Elementalist, Knight, and Necromancer

Start making your fighters, post them here with their name, weight class, and fight class. You can add more information if you want to. Remember you can only have six characters, a male and a female in each weight class. Real World group is the only group that the fighter has to be human. As long as I have at least two fighters in the same weight and fight class the fights will begin next week. Have fun.