Character Design Contest #19 “Great Balls of Fire”

This week's contest is to design a character that is a fire element character. Limit of two this week. Also, last week a few characters were disqualified because they did not have the creator's name in the file name. Please remember to do this, it is a big help when it comes to posting the characters.

 Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings.


43 Responses to Character Design Contest #19 “Great Balls of Fire”

  1. Renxin says:


    If big fiery cats are wrong, right just isn’t worth it.

  2. Harlequin says:

    I want to make samurai or shinobi princess for the elements. So the first is “Hi no Hime” or “A Tűz Hercegnője” (Translator :D)

  3. kaitlyn says:

    My second entry is the same character in a different state of mind.
    Ena conda.

  4. Rico says:

    (close up)

    Parafaus (para-fa-us)

    When a life is extinguished by fire it is not death who collects the soul …it is parafaus
    there is a small quarter of hell where he and his army of the scorched reside growing in numbers

    Part demon Part dragon born from the egg of these beasts created to rule over the flames of hell

    (created exclusively using hero machine)

  5. ToxicDiopside says:

    Scatman: That is some beautiful work!

    Thank you!

  6. CantDraw says:

    1st Entry (or only if I don’t finish the other):

    Dr. Simon Heltec was obsessed with becoming the perfect being. He experimented on himself using the occult and alien technology. Now, he’s no longer a man. He’s part demon, part cyborg, and all evil:

  7. Kaldath says:

    kaitlyn: that is really cool!

    Thank you Kindly 😀

  8. Lawrence Wilson says:

    A mature version of my flame mutant, Hothead and her pet dragon, Brimstone. ALL BURNT UP.png

  9. Alexander of Limbo says:

    May get around to properly shading him, but not today:

  10. Ordinatus says:

    Entry #1: Arson, dystopian fire elementarist. Need fire?

  11. CantDraw says:

    Entry # 2

    Dr. Charis Grace was the world’s leading archaelogist of Greek culture until she located the mythical location of Hephaestus’ forge. For disturbing the ancient god, she is cursed to don his armor and do his bidding whenever he wishes. Powered by the magical fire of the gods, she is now known as:


  12. tolkienhiste says:

    You will burn…….

    the return of ams !! welcome hehe !!

  13. prswirve says:

    EDIT: tweaked the fire’s color a bit… please consider this a s my second entry and disregard the last one … tnx!

  14. TOOL says:

    It still irratates me that I have never been able to see anyones work from deviantart whatever. I have tried many different computers from home, work, or friends and it will never pull it up. Its like it wont load the website. A few times I have gotten it to load but then the pictures dont work. Its just scrambled text.

  15. Hammerknight says:


    It still irratates me that I have never been able to see anyones work from deviantart whatever.I have tried many different computers from home, work, or friends and it will never pull it up.Its like it wont load the website.A few times I have gotten it to load but then the pictures dont work.Its just scrambled text.

    That is one of the really big reasons I would like to see more people join the forums. It is easy to post on and very easy for everyone to see your work. It is free to join and free to show your art.

  16. Herr D says:

    Pitch was never well-liked. He didn’t look like a good guy. Even after his infamous battle with the Berg-o-meisters (shown,) people just never, well–WARMED to him. Witnesses reported him disappearing near an active volcano. No one has seen him since.

  17. Scatman says:

    I didn’t think I would have time and Elemental heros are not my strongpoint,but here’s

  18. Another version of my Elemental: Cinder


  19. melmo44 says:

    Gonna try posting through the forums, see how that goes.
    Anyways, the character: Torch, a mysterious vigilante about which nothing is known. The only thing for sure is that whatever their motives, you don’t want to get on their bad side.

  20. Hammerknight says:

    Contest is now closed, good luck everyone.

  21. Superb entries for this one! Lots of variety and originality. Now that HK has closed the challenge, here are some personal standouts (no particular order):

    Delirious Al’s Rum – amazing masking techniques for this incredibly awesome design

    Alexander of Limbo’s Molten – very original and cool effects

    CantDraw’s Hephaestus Armor – minimalist, great use of insignias

    djuby’s Mig – one of the few designs to use my favorite color, blue

    Melmo44’s Torch – must be the mohawk ;9

    tolkienhiste’s El Fuego – great pose and zypping

    toxicdiopside’s The Last Phoenix – love the use of confetti as cinders, can’t imagine how long it took to match the zypping to all those feathers

  22. Scatman says:

    Here are my personal favs..
    I really liked toxicdiopside’s The Last Pheonixs’ design,very creative and well put together.
    Delirious Al’s Rum Holy Fire breather Batman!Just amazing in all aspects.
    Djuby’s Mig is one of the coolest color contrasts I’ve seen in along time and his stance and build look amazing!
    HEPHAESTUS’ ARMOR by CantDraw is really original and new and
    Anarchangel’s Apollo is tough as nails!What a cool unorthodox color scheme.
    prswirve’s fire dancer looks so cool with those lighting effects on his arms and the dark backround gives a realistic fire look.
    Alexander of Limbo’s molten has a cool realistically formed lava crust and looks just as a real lava flow Would look.
    I have to say even ones I hadn’t mentioned were great!

  23. Delirious AL says:

    Thanks for the nod!
    Some that stood out to me:
    toxicdiopside’s The Last Pheonix
    tolkienhiste’s El Fuego
    CantDraw’s SciMon
    Kaldath’s Brighid
    NHA247’s Magma