Share Day #12

Wizards, Witches, Warlocks, oh my. Magic users are every where. How many can you name? Which ones do you like? Which ones do you dislike? The field is wide open, from folk lore to games on the computer, from children's stories to major movies, list as many as you can. You can even go the extra step and tell us your definition of each type of magic users. Have fun and let the magic explode.

4 Responses to Share Day #12

  1. I’ll pick up more ion this tomorrow. In the meantime, I like wizards who are either balanced or checked. That is, they might be “all-powerful” but there is just as equally tough rival. The “White Wizard” is countered by the “Black Wizard.”

    This is run throughout Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, heck… even Green Lantern. I treat magic as a sort of cosmic force, essence, whatever you want to call it. Point being, in its various forms, magic is channeled energy. As with physics, math, etc., there are rules, theories, and disciplines. The best magic users elevate it to an art.

    Sure, it’s fun to believe that wizards can do anything without all the technobabble. Which is fine when done right (Star Trek‘s Q, Farscape‘s 12,000 years of Peacekeeper technology). It works best in one-shot movies as a plot device or way to move the story along.

    Still, if magicians are part of a continuum, even they would be bound by the rules and realities of that universe. If they weren’t, then they would simply be called gods. That make sense to anyone?

  2. TOOL says:

    My first thought went to Merlin, a well known name when it comes to magic and wizards. I would say my favorite would have to actually be Warlock, Adam Warlock that is. When he had the infinity guantlet he was pretty badass.

  3. Arioch says:

    I love the wizards in the Black Company. Each and every one of them, although one-eye and goblin are especially loved, being who they are.

    And I like all the mages I’ve played in Ars Magica. They’ve been interesting to me as characters and as magical beings.

    I like Dr Strange, too. His trappings and paraphernalia are great.

  4. Myro says:

    Raistlin Majere. Even though he tried to become a god by drawing Takhisis into the world of Krynn (which would have effectively destroyed it) to do battle with her on his terms, he was definitely the most interesting character in the Dragonlance series. And he did end up redeeming himself in the end in one of the more touching things I’ve read.