Return Of Friday Night Fights!



Ladies and Gentlemen starting this week I am taking a bit of a break from the bad SuperHero Costumes posts and instead I will be hosting "Friday Night Fights" Yes you read that right, the Return of "Friday Night Fights" however this one will be for bragging rights only as I have no prizes to give as Jeff did.

Well I am sure you are all dying to hear the details so here we go.  You have until March 27th One week from today to create and Email ( me your entries which most include One Fantasy Character, One Sci-Fi Character, One SuperHero/Villain Character and TWO Open Themed Characters.

On Friday March 29th I will post the first or Play in round for the contest, where one of the Open themed characters of each person who entered will be put up for a vote by the community. The top 16 as voted by the community will move on and face off in a series of head-to-head matchups in traditional tournament bracket fashion with the winner of each round moving on to the next round until in the end only one creation is left standing.

Here are what the Rounds will be:

Play In Round: Open Themed Character

Round One: Fantasy Character

Round Two: Sci-Fi Character

Round Three: SuperHero/Villain Character

Round Four: Open Themed Character


The Rules: 

1) All Characters must be newly created for this contest. They can be redesigns of older characters however must not have been posted anywhere else prior to this contest.

2) All submission most be sent to me Via Email ( by the deadline. Amy entries received after March 27th will not be entered into the contest.

3)  No Posting your entries to this thread. Entries submitted here on the Blog will be disqualified.

4) Name your Files for Each round as Follows: {your name}-(Character Name)-{Round}.file extension. So for example if Four the Play In Round I submitted my character Lythea I would name the file "Kaldath-Lythea-Play in round.png" and if I submitted my character  Talen Darkhope for the fantasy round I would  name the file "Kaldath-Talen Darkhope-Round One.png". Any Entry that does not have all five files named properly will be disqualified.

5) One set of entries per person, and all entries are final. Make sure you have the characters you want to enter correct before you send them to me. Once I receive your email with your entries you can not change them.

6) Lastly, all images must be made with Heromachine. It does not matter which version of Heromachine you use but they must be PURE unedited save for basic cropping Heromachine creations.


Well that's it folks, get to making those entries. Until the end of this contest I will not be making my usually  Wednesday Posts and instead will be doing the FNF posts on Fridays

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