Open Thread #H1

I am having a open thread day for today. Due to some health problems I am going to have to cut the contest and challenges down to one per week. I really hate to do this. The last few Share Days have done really good, so I am thinking about posting more of them during the week. Isia and I can set the topics up to post during the week. I want to use today for everyone to give me ideas for topics. I want to have the topic to play hand in hand with Hero Machine. This way people can design characters for the topics and share them. A good example would be yesterday's Share Day Topic about fantasy races, you could post what you believe they should look like. So let's hear your ideas.

8 Responses to Open Thread #H1

  1. Herr D says:

    Awh. I hope you get better soon, HK.
    @Kaldath: I’m the only one I know who ever played an enchanted human that could subject people to ‘Kender torture.’ It went well.

    As a topic, perhaps a ‘rough-it’ day, where people put together a crude representation of an item that isn’t in hm3, and you pick one and have a contest later in the week to make that item? Should come with a description, one word to three short sentences.

  2. Friday Night Fight!

  3. JR19759 says:

    If you don’t feel up to doing a lot of the contests and challenges I’m sure there are some other people who would be prepared to take up the slack. I know I would be happy to.

  4. Arioch says:

    Just to say I hope you’ll get better

  5. Hammerknight says:

    Thanks for the well wishes.
    Thanks JR but I don’t think the contest will be gone for to long.
    @ Atomic, the FNF take up more time then the regular ones do.

  6. But they’re so much fun!

    Really wish that I had it together right now. I’d host an FNF if I had more time. Though I am thinking of starting a new thread in the forums…

    Maybe some more guest blogs (comic / movie reviews, tips & tricks, story / character ideas). Move the Hero of the Month poll to the blog. Geek classics… general discussion about favorite heroes, movies, books, story arcs, RPGs, video games, board games, “what-ifs.”

  7. TOOL says:

    I had to backtrack to an open thread, but I had an idea. How about we have a post to talk about overlooked, underappreciated, and underestimated characters? All the guys that work behind the scenes that help out a lot but dont get all the glory, or the zero’s that make us laugh. Whoever comes to mind. My first thought went to Forge. There’s a guy with cool powers who helps out the Xmen alot but always seems to be a bridesmaid and never a bride if you know what I mean. What are your thoughts HM gods?

  8. Under-rated characters are a good topic. Goes hand-in-hand with obscure / underground comics. Stuff that goes along with personal favorites.

    Which also brings to mind franchises that were cool then utterly destroyed by their own creators or the “corporati” (*cough* TMNT *cough*).