Quick and Easy Challenge #7 “Wild Card”

In today's challenge you can create anything you want, but it must be done as a playing card. That's right a playing card(not any other type of card) the good old cards you would use in a poker game. Good Luck.

17 Responses to Quick and Easy Challenge #7 “Wild Card”

  1. Skybandit says:

    You forgot to say how many entries we’re allowed. I’m assuming one, like every other Saturday, right?

  2. Keith_Kanin says:

    With a hand like this you have to be all in.

  3. GreenBat says:

    Keith_Kanin very nice. That is a winning hand.

  4. Jack of Clubs: May the Flush be with you!

  5. Hammerknight says:

    Challenge closed.

  6. dansjoy says:

    Ahh man! I just made a card for the challenge and now it’s closed.

  7. Hammerknight says:

    Keith_Kanin very nice. That is a winning hand.

    Hey GreenBat I have not seen you in a long time, it is great to see that you are still around. Come on over to the forums so that we can start seeing your characters again.

  8. dansjoy says:


    Hello. How did you create your Jack symbols and make them appear on the top and bottom.