Character Contest #H08 “Atlantis Revealed”

For this week's contest Atlantis has been found. What do you think the people of Atlantis would look like? No limit again this week. Have fun.


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39 Responses to Character Contest #H08 “Atlantis Revealed”

  1. CrabCake says:

    I imagine Atlantis as a wealthy city paved with gold. That’s why I used gold, if you are wondering.

  2. ams says:

    Great subject, but I can never get an image in my head for an underwater character. This is a challenge for me! Hopefully I will be able to pull one off. Cheers1

  3. Magnus Maximus says:

    I’m gonna check this one out. First time entering a contest in…forever. Good luck, fellow Machiners!

  4. ExtremelyEPIC says:

    Here’s mine :

    I dunno if this contest is over or not but hey…i tried.

  5. Keith_Kanin says:

    I don’t know if I can come up with any ideas that can compete with what has already been submitted, but I don’t think Atlantis would be complete without The Scepter of Poseidon.

  6. Keric says:

    You may not be able to tell, but her foot is in the process of morphing from tenticles to feet!

  7. captain_trousers says:

    I figured I’d go for something a little more sinister looking.

  8. Alexander of Limbo says:

    Sewing as i recently made some aquatic humanoids for fun, lets for the sake of this competition call them Atlantians:

    And the half breed Ne-Kar:

  9. Thundersong says:

    Heyla All!

    I imagine that Atlantis, with the knowledge they had, was able to create a “shield” over their city and live underwater just as they had above water. I created the “Priestess of Atlantis”. Pictured here, she is standing in front of the doors that lead to the altar. Besides being advanced technologically, they were also Spiritual. Hope the link works, if it doesn’t I’ll try to re-post.

  10. Alexander of Limbo says:

    Alexander of Limbo:
    Sewing as i recently made some aquatic humanoids for fun, lets for the sake of this competition call them Atlantians:

    And the half breed Ne-Kar:


    Also named the files wrong so here they are again:
    And the Half Breed Ne-Kar:

  11. Skybandit says:

    Why no one has discovered Atlantis…and lived to tell about it!

  12. Magnus Maximus says:

    Okay, here’s my entry. I went with something a little different than some of the others here. Mine is more of a Greek influence. Enjoy!

  13. Herr D says:

    #1: So, if Plato was RIGHT about what he wrote, the Atlanteans were regular people, so, after their island sunk, most of them look like this.

  14. Herr D says:

    #2 If they really existed, and they really survived–
    Only by working in harmony and mastery of the ocean and running afoul of the Coast Guard and Homeland Security Force . . .

  15. Herr D says:

    But I must say, that if Plato were alive today, the Atlanteans would look like THIS:
    Because Plato would be one of us.

  16. dblade says:

    I really want to enter this one but I don’t know if I have the time. Dabnabit!

  17. Scatman says:

    known as “THE SWIMMERS”to the Atlantean Humamoids.Alphena one of the Atlantean temple Guardians not only protect the Temple but also guard the city.They are the most vicious of the Atlantean Kingdom,No man will have a chance in their presence.If it is not thier powerful staffs of energy that get you it is their Pirahnna like teeth that will tear you apart.They will have no problem attacking any Atlantean if given the permission of the King!This is Aphena Protector of Atlantis.

  18. Keith_Kanin says:

    Finally found some inspiration for this one.

    With paralyzing tentacles, an ink bladder for defense and an amorphous body, theMan-O-War is truly one of the most frightening creatures to terrorize the lost city. Though not considered to be on par with human intelligence, they offer a crude cunning that is fierce indeed. They tend to be solitary creatures, until mating season when they congregate in large numbers. Hundreds will gather in a given locale and enter into a mating frenzy that lasts for days. Drawn to sources of light and heat, Atlantis is a favorite hunting ground in the days and weeks leading up to mating season. During this time the citizens of Atlantis are encouraged to refrain from leaving the city limits and always travel in groups.

  19. Keric says:

    I really want to enter this one but I don’t know if I have the time. Dabnabit!

    So….make one in your own time, and display it in the OCD’s whenever your done! It won’t count for the contest, but it’s all just for fun anyway!

  20. Weilyn says:

    I had this lying around, half finished. Figured I finally had a reason to finish it 😉

  21. Rhinoman says:

    An Atlantean Scout on patrol. Ready to warn the city of any threats with her underwater horn

  22. Skybandit says:

    I suddenly realized that my character, Alphonzo Burbonowski the XXXIIIrd Earl of Avallon, is from a parallel world’s Atlantis that never sank. Court intrigue caused him to be banushed to our world, where a 9′ tall man doesn’t quite “fit in.” Atlantean technology is far advanced, but as a Noble, he never learned how to build it, just use it. Hence, his Gravitensor Boots that allow him to walk on walls or water cannot be duplicated, nor his Defensor bumbershoot that deflects bullets, has a switchblade in the nose, and can be used as a parachute, or the Multonocle that provides microscopic and telescopic vision and acts as an automatic sight when he draws his weapon. Fortunately, Earthly ammunition will work in his pepperbox. With him is his government handler, Major Q. T. Baeb, an agent for the CIATFBIRS wearing the latest in Black Ops stealth armor.

  23. Atlantis was not an island but a colony ship. The Atlanteans had come to earth to establish a beachhead. These lobster-like aliens are an amphibious species. Earth’s atmosphere lacks key elements for respiration. Though they are able to survive crushing depths, Atlanteans need re-breathers in order to survive outside the mother ship.

    Originally moored outside the Greek islands, Atlantis was almost destroyed when an enemy race nuked it. Humans mistook the massive explosion as a super-volcano erupting on the island of Santorini. The wounded ship attempted to escape only to crash in the Caribbean Sea.

    For thousands of years since, the Atlanteans have been trying to repair their ship. Progress is impossibly slow as they cannot allow humans to know of their presence and materiel is in short supply. All construction is done underwater. To ward off intruders and claim salvage, the Atlanteans use a powerful generator that draws ships and planes beneath the waves. This area is known to humans as “the Bermuda Triangle.”



  24. captain_trousers says:

    Oh darn, apparently I named it wrong. Re-submitting a properly named image

  25. Scatman says:

    Well there were so many layers my computer wouldn’t let me do anything more,and it’s the only way It would have stopped this mad machiner!!Anyway..
    The Atlanteans