R.P.G. Challenge “Floor Tiles #1″ Winner

Not to many people turned out for this challenge. Two entries to pick from makes it hard to judge. The winner this week is Herr D. And for second place, Keith Kanin, I went ahead and added your first set of tiles as a bonus.

Page #1

Page #2







2 Responses to R.P.G. Challenge “Floor Tiles #1″ Winner

  1. Herr D says:

    Thank you. [brief and completely tasteless victory dance] I figured I’d miss it, b/c my work sched. changed again. Same day challenges I usually miss completely now.
    @Keith: Like your ballroom–how did you generate your grid, with patterns?

  2. Keith_Kanin says:

    Thanks Herr D. Yes, first I laid out the 6 X 6 grid and sized a background item rectangle over the top. Then I masked the pattern item to that and adjusted the size to match.