R.P.G. Challenge “Floor Tiles #1”

A new challenge for Fridays. Kid's Korner will appear again in the future.

R.P.G. "Floor Tiles #1" Castle Tiles

castle tower 1








My design here is based on a six square by six square grid. I choose to do the design over the squares, this was for a project I did,  but you can show the tile lines if you want to.

Rules for this one is simple.

1. Tile squares come from the "Insignia Standard", square size needs to stay 100x100.

2. For this weeks challenge it needs to be a six square by six square grid.

3. Have fun and try to blow me away with your tiles.


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5 Responses to R.P.G. Challenge “Floor Tiles #1”

  1. Keith_Kanin says:

    Something simple to start with. The room is 90×90. The scale is 1 square = 5′.

    You enter the room from the south through a large ornate set of double doors. A marble floor as smooth as glass gleams under the light of a huge chandelier. In the corner to the right is a small stage. To the left, a highly polished bar curves in front of a door that leads out of the room to the east. In the center of the room is a large circular dance floor surrounded by concentric rings of gold and ebony. To the north on the far side of the room, sits two gilded thrones on a raised dais with plush curtains to either side. The huge vaulted ceiling is supported by 10 fluted columns spaced evenly around the dance floor. (Behind the curtain on the left is a concealed door.)

    Ball Room

  2. Hammerknight says:

    Okay I went back and made rule #2 bold. Just in case anyone didn’t notice it. One big thing to remember about me and how I judge the contest,”If I take the time to write down “details” on what I want, then that will be what I am judging on.”

  3. Keith_Kanin says:

    Sorry about that. I will go back to the drawing board then.

  4. Keith_Kanin says:

    Take two…
    A narrow unassuming section of corridor has an open pit in the middle of it. There is a narrow ledge on either side of the pit. The pit is 10′ deep and 8′ x 9′. Any attempt to cross the pit on either ledge will activate a pressure plate triggering the spear trap behind the wall. If someone is brave enough to jump across the pit, they will land on a pressure plate activating a giant stone hammer trap. Either spear or hammer trap has enough force to knock a person into the pit. Once someone hits the floor of the pit, a trap door slides shut enclosing that person in the pit.

    It’s a Trap!