Wednesday Night Special Anime/Manga Challenge #1 “Mage”

Kaldath's Bad Costume post today has inspired me for a new challenge, that's right another challenge. This is one that I have been thinking about for a little while, but was just looking for the best time to do it. Believe it or not I am looking for other things besides challenges to post on the blog but for right now this is what I have. Okay rules are the same as all the other contest and challenges. Kept it "PG" this is a family site. (This is one reason that I hesitated on a challenge like this.)

Wednesday Night Specials will be Anime / Manga challenges. (Some body please help Harlequin off the floor and back to his chair.) It will run from Wednesday night through Saturday night. I will post a poll for everyone to vote on the winner, it will run from Sunday until Tuesday. Winner will be posted Wednesday.

Okay, tonight's challenge topic is "Mage". Yes magic is in the air, so go all out and make the best mages and/or magic users you can. Once again I have to say that this is a challenge so there will be no prizes offered at this time. (But I am working on something, but it will take some time before it is ready.) No limit, so have fun creating.


P.S. Because this is a voting poll for the winner, it means I may even enter this one. lol.